Strong Not Skinny-Fit Not Lean

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Strong Not Skinny-Fit Not Lean

Being strong starts from gaining and maintaining your inner strength whereas, being fit defines the outcome of being strong! You can, perhaps, refer it as a disclaimer of today’s blog. But unfortunately, many believes, goal of being strong and fit can only be attained when a body has to be put under extreme conditions. However, doing so might detain the customs and outcome of getting a stronger and fit physique.

Theory of fat loss has nothing to be shrouded in mystery but at the same time it’s not as easy like gimmicks. It requires you to understand the process that guides your body to lose fat and allow you to choose the correct path to get you where you wish to be. Hence, to prevent your body from any random and misleading

Misconceptions Apprehending The Etiquette Of Being Strong And Fit

Muscle, fat and water lose, all occurs in the process of achieving and maintain a strong and fit body. Nonetheless, muscle retention is the primary objective of being strong not skinny. The moment you start losing muscles, the idea of being strong and fit also starts losing it existence from the list. Few of the misconception do revolve around, apprehending the etiquette of being strong and fit. So, let’s burst them all and understand the correct way to get where you wish to be.

  • Burn More Than You Consume: If you are burning more calories than you consume from your meal and snack, you’ll be surprised to see drop in kilos. But the notion of eating less destroys the protocol totally. Underestimating what you eat and overestimating how much you burn shakes the pillar. Therefore, it’s important to maintain a balanced diet to burn and achieve without leaving your body feeble.
  • Go Enough With Fats: Eating healthy fats (avocado, nuts and seeds) nowhere add up to fat around your waistline. Rather such fats only help reduce your hungers hunger and keep an optimal maintenance in testosterone production. With low levels of fats, you might tent to more and further results might decline.
  • Consider The Muscle Supporter: High protein foods are the natural muscle supporters when it comes to lose fat as high protein foods keep you full while preventing you from overeating, boost calorie burn because protein needs more energy to digest and lastly, when accompanied with weight training, it essentially prevents from muscle loss that might otherwise occur when you suddenly cut back on calories.
  • Mix Of Cardio And Strength Training: Majority still wonders cardio is the key to fat lose. While cardio burn few calories, but practicing too much cardio can also make you lose muscles and make you weaker in the name of getting fit. So, consider doing mix cardio and strength training in balance.

Over to You:

There are more factors and components other than those mentioned above such as whole diet which permanently and efficiently helps you losing fat while maintaining lean muscle mass resulting in a strong and fit body. So, get these pointers in your check list to take care of for an enjoyable and sustainable health.

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