Snack the Right Way!

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Snack the Right Way!

It’s important to eat on time the same way that it’s important to have a well-balanced and nutritious diet. Combination of meal time and balanced diet strongly influences your body’s metabolism and energy that stays around the twenty-four hours clock. Factors that rule out the importance of meal, all revolves around, how your body reacts when a single meal is skipped while being in some important meeting or running late for your school, college or office.

Generally speaking, all three meals of the day from breakfast to dinner form an integral part of your diet, awakening your body’s metabolism, stocking it up with nourishment for required energy while helping your mood to give a boost. You must be thoughtful of what you put in your plate at breakfast as your body is relatively detoxified and purified in morning from rest of the day. Eat something supportive for your body’s true needs to fuel up for next few hours till lunch. Protein from eggs and yoghurt, whole grain sandwich, besan chilla, fresh fruits and oatmeal are good options for breakfast. It will make you feel fuller for longer and will provide you energy to perform a daily routine at the best. There are times as well when you might unknowingly opt for breakfast snacks like some bars and muffins when in hurry rather than a proper breakfast meal which lacks you behind in terms of nutrition you are supposed to get hampering your health and work. Moreover, having proper breakfast at right time makes a difference to your daily life; earlier may be better as it sets your metabolism in a smooth motion for rest of the day.

Things don’t end up with a breakfast meal because mid-day with the sun overhead, symbolizing burning and transformative powers- is the time of the day when the process of your digestion is most potent and strongest; requiring the largest meal of the whole day. So, rather than munching on snacks sitting on your office desk or in front of a TV, take a break and bless yourself with a balanced and nutritious meal that includes curry, chapatti, rice, curd and any of the vegetables you would like to add on. Nutrients you will load your body with will show efforts to heal, rebuild and refuel it again. Therefore, consider having a main meal at mid-day.

 In next two-three hours after lunch huger like thing may knock the door back but before you completely believe it as a snack called, replenish yourself with water and always keeps a water bottle with you. The reason is, even thirst can be misleading to hunger pangs which only makes you stand over-weighed. Eat a wholesome and healthy snack that maintain your energy levels in-between a meal at right time is completely fine but eating unhealthy snack and junks at the wrong time or all the day should be restricted from ruining your fit-being.

 Same goes for the evening meal but the difference that makes the meal lighter is your body’s metabolism which winds up with the fading of sunlight. Your digestion is weaker and slower at night, therefore, the early you eat; more complete your digestion will be. So, don’t make your night the worst nightmare by eating a heavy meal or gorging on a snack at bed-time. Your body needs to get cleanse, detoxify, and restored naturally, that all takes place in your body during the night sleep to start again a new day with the same you followed last.

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The optimal routine and balanced-meal will not only uplift your health but also the mood and energy required to lead a happy day and life ahead. Focusing on meals and moderation in snacks contributes to more healing and restorative process your body needs So, wisely follow your meals at the time.

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