Sex Drive (Fatigue & Depression)

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Sex Drive (Fatigue & Depression)

Feeling of fatigue and state of depression, both leads to cause tension one one’s sex life. Reason for that can’t be dependent on one malfunctioning rather; experts believe that there are combination of factors that affects libido. Mental, emotional, psychological and nutrition there are so many factors that may influence your bed pleasure and because of that it’s difficult to pin point why you can’t get in the mood.

How Extreme Tiredness Affect Your Sex Lives?

Morning to night is a long time to cope up with but considering daily duties, you have to pull yourself every second despite the hardship of feeling fatigue. This might disrupt the intimacy that you once enjoy with your partner. Fatigue has a devastating effect on sexual life and you have to go on the root of your problem and bring out the balance in your life. If you are feeling too much pressure in your life then try giving yourself a break.

How Depression Can Affect Your Sex Lives?

Everyone experience mood swings from time to time but depression lasts longer. A main symptom of depression is that you start not to enjoy certain things that you usually enjoy. People with depression feel bad about themselves and might even view their partner with the same negative view. This condition can steal your desire that you once feel for your partner. Surprisingly on flip side, there are many aspects of sex that can boost your mood and act against depression effects.

Question Yourself And Dig In To The Answer

While treating low libido, depression and restoring passion, there comes various approach like counseling, therapy and medical treatment. But before going for such expensive treatments and sessions, try the question yourself strategy as followed and know what best can be done.

  • Does your diet include processed food, sugar and alcohol? If so, then stop indulging such a diet. A good nerve function and healthy hormone levels are essential to good performance in bed and to keep that in proper working order, your diet should include legumes, grain products, fruits, vegetables, protein, vitamins, and minerals. For an instant boost in energy, add healthier fats in your diet like avocado and coconut oil.
  • Do you exercise at least three times a week? If not, then start your exercise routine from today itself. Exercising releases chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, and testosterone which help increasing the sex drive and floods you with more energy. Move your body as much as possible to leave behind your fatigue and depression to actually boost your energy.
  • Do you live in the present moment for most of the hours of your day? If no, then start practicing meditation. Both sex and meditation are two sides of same coin as both involve pleasure while being in present moment and slowing down. Start meditation by just sitting and feeling wind and sun over your skin, smell the flowers, listen to the bird’s chirp, take deep breaths and be aware of your all five senses.
  • Do you make efforts and schedule quality time with your partner? If no, then start doing it now. Discussing your likes, dislikes and stress issues with your partner can calm you down while leading you to a stronger relationship at the same time. Try making it more approachable when on dining table and learn each other taste of preferences for better consideration.
  • Are you getting eight hours of sleep at night? If no, then start taking it. There is a link between sex deprivation and unsatisfactory sex life. Address the problem that keeps you from sleeping. And hence, boosts your energy and performance by taking naps whenever you can.

Over to You:

Sex is more about the energy that’s emotional, spiritual and physical which can be basically maintained by an active mind and healthy body and just by some support and maintaining balance in you and your partner lifestyle. So, try accomplishing these nano changes to fight fatigue and depression in order to have a pleasurable time.

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