Savour the Summer Stars – Must Have Fruits of the Season

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Savour the Summer Stars – Must Have Fruits of the Season

It’s summertime and with all that sunshine comes the scorching heat. Not only does it cause dehydration but also drain you off of the vital electrolytes important to stay healthy and active. With all the sweating, our body loses the water content & struggles to function properly. So, it’s very important to keep up the water intake during summers, which make fruits our nutritional BFFs. Summer means tons of seasonal fruits which actually helps in maintaining the body nutrients and how can we forget all the yumminess!

So here’s a list of all the seasonal fruits that help in combating the summer blues:

1- The King of Fruits – Mango
We are already salivating just by talking about it. Apart from satiating everybody’s taste buds, it’s a rich source of Vitamin C which helps in wound healing and gives nourishment to your hair. It’s also an antioxidant which helps prevent cancer. And the cherry on the top is that eating mangoes can decrease the risk of obesity so it’s a win-win… Right?

2- Superhero to the Rescue – Muskmelon
While most of the summer fruits are rich in Vitamin C, muskmelon is a refreshing one out of the lot. It’s packed full of water content which is actually the need of the hour. There’s a long list of other nutrients like Potassium for regulating blood pressure, Vitamin A for strengthening eyesight, Vitamin C for preventing stomach ulcers & reducing menstrual cramps etc. All this is only hinting one thing – make it your summer staple now!

3- The Underdog – Black Plum
Running low on vitamins & minerals? Black Plum right here is one of the most loved summer fruit there is. Not just high on nutrients but it has medicinal qualities too which is like an added advantage. Called the ‘Fruit of Gods’, this healer of a fruit helps in fighting against asthma, heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis, acne & the list goes on.

4- The Cool Fighter – Watermelon
Think of summer fruits & this is what comes to your mind in the very first instance. It’s the true water bearer you need to binge on every season to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Loaded with antioxidants & powerful vitamins, watermelon holds strong cancer-fighting properties and is also rich in Vitamin B that boosts your immunity.

Over to You:
Switch to healthy summertime snacking with flavoursome & energizing fruits that give you that extra boost. You can also add all this richness to your daily routine by making cool fruity delights. Let us know which ones are you going to swear by this season?

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