Run, Eat and Repeat

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Run, Eat and Repeat

Most of you must have a love/hate relationship with working out or running and eating healthy. Developing and further maintaining such healthy habits are difficult which requires a firm determination and a changed mindset to execute this healthy and balanced out lifestyle. We admit that getting out the bed in dark and cold isn’t always the easiest and it takes time to develop “Run, Eat and Repeat” habit on regular basis. And the
accomplishment you feel afterwards is totally going to worth all your hard work.

Start running, start exercising!
Exercising regularly can save you from excessive weight gain and hence, you can maintain good cardiovascular health, boost your immune system and increase your energy level. You should do at least thirty minutes of physical exercise per day and if not that, then you should seek creative & simple ways to be physically active throughout the day like giving your day an active start by brisk walk or taking stairs instead of taking lift is a good idea to stay active and keep running in practice.

Make your workout fun! Get your heart pumped up by taking one hour walk around your neighborhood early morning or after work. Push yourself little faster and for longer time each week but don’t over exert yourself. And if running isn’t your thing then you can go for swimming or a gym session to attain your desired fitness goals.

Eat Healthy, stay healthy!
From proper sleep to right workout plan there are many factors that play important role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle but the factor that really stands out is “nutrition.” Eighty percent of success for maintaining a healthy lifestyle or losing weight depends on what you eat. To lose fat, build muscle, increase strength and to live healthily and happily, we must eat right amount of protein, fat and carbs each day. A deficiency in any of these will
have a negative impact on our health.

Eat real food like fruits, vegetables, eggs, fish & nuts instead of processed foods. Carbohydrates are the body main source of energy so, choosing right kind of carbohydrate is also very important. Focus on complex carbs like whole grain, fruit, vegetable and beans instead of refined carbs and carbs that are found in sweet and processed foods. Protein is another important factor that helps in maintenance and growth of our body, so pack your snacks and meals with protein rich foods like milk, yogurt, chicken, beans, lentils and eggs from now on. A right balance of carbohydrate, protein including fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals can help you fuel your body healthy adequately.

Over to you

Now that you have basics of maintaining a healthy lifestyle i.e. Run, Eat And Repeat you’re on a road to get fit and healthier. Remember, maintaining a balance between healthy eating and workout routine is the key to becoming fit and healthy as it won’t happen overnight. So, don’t get discouraged easily and always remember why you’ve
started it in first place.

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