Raksha Bandhan Special Blog: Exchange Healthy Promises

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Raksha Bandhan Special Blog: Exchange Healthy Promises

Rakshabandhan is an ancient Hindu festival that celebrates the bond between a brother and a sister, where a brother promises to shower his love and protect his sister from all dangers and be by his side during all bad times. Undoubtedly, in every household, an irreplaceable custom of the day takes place- where a sister ties ‘rakhi’ on her brother’s wrist and applies kumkum with the belief that the sacred thread would protect him from all the evil forces. In return, the brother gives a gift and vows to protect her life-long. This ritual strengthening the bond between a brother and his sister is unique to India.

But how about a vow to lead a healthy lifestyle? Life becomes happier when you follow a healthy routine. Yes, you are taking it in a right way! This Raksha Bandhan makes a vow to each other to lead a healthy life. So, let’s make a list of vows you want to focus on.

Start the day with healthy foods
Oil and unhealthy fats are nowhere going to help you protect your sister. It just adds up a layer of fats in your body making you overweight or even obese. So, it’s better to start your day with egg toasts, a bowl of oats topped with fruits or maybe poha with your favourite veggies and lemon juice rather than binging on bread pakodas, puri or something fried. Make sure you add significant protein, fibre and carbs rich food in your breakfast to lead an energetic day.

Choose a healthy alternative to empty calories
Sweets might satisfy your cravings but in reality, sweets are just counted as empty calories that nowhere help to stay fit and healthy. Consumption of extra calories starts getting stored in your body as fat and may harm your health in several ways. Also, there are multiple health risks that are linked to extra consumption of calories than your body’s requirement. So, swap these empty calories for nutrient-dense, high-calorie foods like dates, coconut sugar or jaggery. But don’t overeat them too.

Snack but not processed
Who doesn’t love snacks? But before snacking anything random give it a second thought. Potato chips, fries, pizza, soft drinks, soda and burger are just not the foods to eat when you have a desire to stay fit. Eliminate it all and switch to homemade granola bars, fruit parfait, fruits dipped in plain yoghurt, nuts and seeds. These crunchy snacks won’t just complete your desire to eat snacks but also leave you feeling fuller and replenished with essential nutrients. Also, you never have to think before eating these health friendly snacks at any time of the day.

Promise to start exercising
Is a healthy lifestyle complete without exercising on daily basis? No, it’s not. Routine exercise has its own incredible benefits from strengthened muscles to stamina. Exercising five to six times in a week for thirty minutes help you burn extra calories and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Brisk walking, swimming or cycling will benefit you in the same way exercising will do. So, it’s up to you what your preference says. Decide and accompany your brother or sister on this healthy journey.

Over to you

So, this Raksha Bandhan doesn’t just burn a hole in your pocket on buying expensive gifts but burn some extra calories as well and complete your promise to stay fit and healthy while following a well-balanced diet. After all, you have to stay fit to be a support of each other. Therefore, start a new promising ritual by vowing these four health vows.

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