One Diet fits None!

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One Diet fits None!

Have you tried the GM diet? That has done wonders for me!

Why don’t you try the famous diet course Kareena Kapoor has done after pregnancy!

Now, these are some of the common lines you must have come across once you start living a healthy lifestyle.

The word ‘diet’ is not confined to only doing a crash diet or a diet done by a famous celebrity. It’s always how you decide to live a healthy life while making some fitness-conscious decisions. That’s why it’s important to look at a person’s complete lifestyle including his/ her medical history, day-to-day life chores and food choices. This is one of the important steps in creating an ideal diet plan for a client which they can keep up for a longer period of time.

Not every diet plan that you Google can work wonders for you or make you fit in a short span. It means if there is a healthy diet for one person, then it is not necessary that it will work for another person. Rather than going for a cookie-cutter solution to your weight problems, one must look for a certified dietician or a nutritionist to understand what could be effective for them. Or by having personalized nutrition plan on the way a person’s metabolization over certain foods.

It’s high time that we take a look beyond these modern trends and approach to nutrition and recognize how there’s no diet that fits all. A perfect diet plan will always be a reference to your own age, height, and weight, lifestyle, cultural background, or any other personal preference. What’s more, no perfect way of eating will work for you all the time. It’s important for everyone out there not to stuck in any sort of trendy dogma and instead eat by trusting your body and start to accommodate healthy foods items that can support you for the best.

There are some of the important rules you must keep in mind to have a sustainable and long-lasting weight loss. Start incorporating them into your life to feel the difference –

  • Eat Home – Cooked food – Yes! That’s one of the key essential things you have to start doing from the day -1. Don’t look for easy options to order from your favourite restaurants, rather than buying local ingredients and start cooking some dishes to satisfy your palate. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a very fancy exotic dish but you can just toss some fresh veggies, whole grains or proteins which are simple to cook. Also, don’t forget to add some extra freshness from herbs and spices.
  • Drink! Drink and Drink more water – Now we all know how water plays such a significant role in our lives. But are we really having it enough?Therefore make sure to drink at least 2-3 litres of water i.e. approximately 15-20 glasses of water in the complete day. Replace those sodas, packed juices, beverages with plain water. This will reduce your unnecessary calories and also make you full in a much faster way.
  • Listen to your brain – Your brain has the power to let you know when you need to eat and when to stop! Start understanding this power and check your portions instinctively. Stop eating according to your happy, sick, sad, irritated and other mood swings. Learn to know from your habits and start to accommodate healthy and better choices.
  • Get yourself real food to eat – Following someone’s diet plan and self – analyzing to either eati in a huge amount or leaving it out of the blue is bizarre. So eat fresh and local produce, feed yourself with fresh veggies and fruits and get started with some real food diet plan. Find the food that helps you nourish and is nutrient-dense and is without artificial chemicals and sweeteners.
  • Stop worrying and start working – The stress of not having that desired weight on the scale, or the stress of not having that perfect look have taken the world in complete distress. Instead of finding ways to relax and start having a physical and fitness regime, there are people who have found shortcuts and crash diets for short-term weight loss which only lead to disappointment and ill effects. Exercising and movement play an essential in physical and emotional health. This not only helps to stress levels but also helps your body to burn away that stubborn fat. Start making small changes that can lead to better levels of movement.
  • Have a good night sleep – Long working hours, junk and processed food, all of these take a toll on your sleep schedule. While a lot of us try to substitute the food, caffeine, and sugar for adequate sleep and later on complain about low energy, fatigue and ill health. Therefore, it’s significantly important to have sound sleep for 7 to 8 hours every night to boost your immune system and relaxes your mind and soul.

Over to you – In the world of all these diets and meal courses. It’s vital to stick to your roots and follow a healthy fitness regime. Discuss with your dietician or nutritionist your goals and concerns. Don’t look for easy routes by following any random trending diet plan but opt for a customized diet plan according to your body’s requirements.

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