Nuts and Seeds to Embrace Your Heart Health

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Nuts and Seeds to Embrace Your Heart Health

Adapting healthy and active lifestyle is a significant part of life to prevent heart from amplifying heart issues. Our hectic life and careless schedule somewhere entangled between work and stress leads to multiple heart disorders such as a jump in high blood pressure or cholesterol. Whereas, altering few of the habits seems one of the great option to embrace heart health as it play an essential role to support our living. That continuously beats from the first time in womb till last, pumping and supplying oxygenated blood to body and deoxygenated one to lungs.

Series of small changes in life helps strengthening the heart muscle to help it work most efficiently! But have you ever thought that adding on some of the protein rich nuts and seeds to your diet can uplift your heart health while lessening the heart related risks and problems. Might be not! So, here we present a blog talking about nuts and seeds high in protein accentuating few of the benefits which will surely make your
life little longer and healthier.

Protein– among the three macro-nutrients that it is undoubtedly the most important one that helps in weight maintenance while repairing and building the muscle mass. Such protein rich nuts and seeds are the best source to gain over other essential micro-nutrients such as complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. Talking about eating nuts, actually helps to promote your heart health as they contain unsaturated fatty acids which are the great snack food, easy to store and carry somewhere along with you when going out. But be aware of one drawback of nuts. They are high in calories, so make sure to limit their quantity while eating. Choosing nuts instead of unhealthy junk and processed snack is a shift towards adapting healthy change in your life. Discover how almonds, walnuts, can help lower your heart related issues when taken as part of your balanced diet.

Adding almonds to your diet will lower the bad cholesterol- which can cause heart attack. Can also reduce the risk of diabetes and insulin resistance. Even if you are a diabetic, add almonds in your plate for improved sensitivity to insulin. And if you are looking forward to improve your cholesterol and shrink your waist start adding some almonds today to your diet.
Walnuts are tremendously composed of 47 of good fats and are the only nuts containing alpha-linoleic acid an anti-inflammatory agent, proven to reduce plaque upsurge in coronary arteries, improved cholesterol levels and the enhanced functioning of the small arteries and vessels. So, in any case if you’re at diagnosed with coronary artery disease or already suffering from it, do add walnuts to your dietary
Sunflower seeds are the most commonly consumed seeds which are associated with reduced risks of heart problem such as blood cholesterol level and type-2 diabetes. Consuming these seeds as a part of your healthy diet can also help your body in experiencing lowered triglycerides in your blood positively.
Flax seeds are also called as linseeds, they are the best source of whole food containing alpha-linoleic acid including ample amounts of omega-3 fatty acid. Adding these seeds in your diet helps to decrease inflammation and boost immunity. Consuming flax seed can also helps in reducing bad cholesterol, blood pressure when eaten every day for at least more than twelve weeks.

Hemp seeds are the tremendous source of protein including other nutrient profile. Infact these seeds contain more than 30 percent of protein. Hemp seed (oil) is beneficial for heart health and helps increasing the level of omega-3 fatty acid in your blood which further reduces the number of heart diseases.
Chia seeds contain a lot of dietary nutrients and macro-nutrients including protein which reduces the blood sugar level and equally effective in reducing blood pressure level when consumed whole or grounded right after the meal. Eating 37 grams chia seeds every day for twelve weeks helps in reducing type 2 diabetes and other heart related issues.

Some other lifestyle chances to embrace your heart

  • Excess body fat and especially belly fat is linked to unhealthy blood lipid level and high blood pressure leading to heart issues. So, slim down yourself by exercising, taking fewer calories or clubbing anti oxidants in your diet such as lemon, berries and green tea. Else metabolic enhancers like bean, flax seeds, almonds, cinnamon and green tea are a good options too for heart health.
  • Fuel your heart with gala not with stress because chronic stress and anger possibly raise the risk of several heat problems. Engaging or following ones hobbies such as cooking, swimming, taking out little time to play your favorite sport help distress and relax your mind elevating a maintained blood pressure, a step towards healthy heart.
  • To slash the risk of heart problems, slice down the saturated fats intake to 7% and trans fats to 0% by eliminating foods like butter, cheese, heavy or whipped creams, mayonnaise, fried fast food, crackers, microwave or flavored popcorn from your diet. Negotiating over trans and saturated fats also improve the blood circulation in body making arteries free from clogs.
  • Keep a check on blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar level and triglycerides. Schedule appointments after every 2-3 months of regular interval with your cardiologist and physician. Take initiatives to maintain optimal level of them by excluding salt, pickle, butter, cheese, yogurt, fried foods, sugar sweetened beverages, cereals, hamburgers honey and maple syrup from your daily diet.
  • Working out for 30 minutes every day or moving on beats for one hour is a great way to make your heart workout. Grasping every opportunity of exercising such as taking stairs rather than lift, or just simply involving yourself in zumba, yoga, jogging or brisk walk are worth of appreciation. After all, every little leads to your better heart health.
  • Move rather than holding a single chair or bed for all day long as chough potato like lifestyle multiplies blood sugar and blood fats leaving unhealthy effects on heart. Do remember to take breaks at regular interval if you work at a desk or just stretch and twist around when taking breaks are not possible.

Over to you
Risk of heart problems is regardless age and might occur anytime. Therefore, it becomes even more important for us to keep heart healthy as much as possible. For that, one needs add new foods to their dietary along with few of the modified chances in living style. So, consider the above listed protein rich nuts and seeds to embrace your heart health and do share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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