Let’s Understand Cravings

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Let’s Understand Cravings

Food craving is defined as an intense desire to eat a specific food which is extremely common and have factors of influencing, obesity and nutritional requirement. Cravings can be depicted as the theatre of the fight between your unexplained desire and explained nutritional requirement.

Cravings carry important messages for us, hinting, something is lacking in our life that needs attention and nurturing. We crave for foods with expansive properties, like sugar, chocolate, coffee and alcohol to give us a feeling of openness and relaxed. In fact, food craving may be the evolutionary source for cravings for drugs and alcohol.

Is that packet of potato chips calling your name? Let’s see why.

Factors that trigger cravings:

Dehydration: A poorly hydrated body will crave food, even when it doesn’t require it. Making sure that you’re well hydrated will help you control your desire to eat uncontrollably. Actually, dehydration is a huge factor that almost always sets off strong cravings.

Sleep: The culture of working more and resting fewer codes your bodies produce more of the hunger hormone called grehlin, which generally makes you crave food all day long. When your sleep isn’t the best, you will end up craving for more carbohydrate and sweets.

Types of cravings:

Nutrient cravings: It is the physiological craving which is attached to some nutrient deficiency, where your body wisdom will seek balancing for that deficient nutrient. This explains why women crave chocolate when they are around their menstrual cycle – the raw chocolate is high in magnesium, which their body needs more during the menses to support the cycle.

Emotional craving: Certain emotions (like stress, sadness, and boredom) can promote cravings. A good and a bad mood can become a conditioned cue for eating. Happy eaters tend to prefer healthier foods while people in sad moods would likely to seek out ice cream, cookies, or potato chips. Tame your mood and find peace with yourself could be the key.

Craving to balance: The human body seeks striking a balance in its nourishment, which is not under your will i.e. it is an involuntary function. If you consume lots of sugar and coffee, you’ll crave contractive substance like salty foods & cheese. This way the body creates an internal equilibrium. Fruits, vegetables, nuts & seeds help keep you centred instead of constantly oscillating from one extreme to the other.

Over to you:

Not listening to your genuine nutritional call, can leave you at the state of unjustified eating a particular food over others. Craving shouldn’t go unnoticed and unchecked; else it can become the underlining cause of obesity or nutritional imbalance.

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