Let’s Talk About Gut Health!

By Nmami Agarwal     08-Aug 2018

Let’s Talk About Gut Health!

Summer vacations are heading towards their end, and many of us are preparing return to their hectic schedules ahead. Going back to work, school or university after a break is often difficult for many people, adjusting to having to get up with the alarm and a fully structured day ahead. But for those who are dealing with poor gut health, this time becomes even more difficult. Also, traveling to and from work and handling other commitments can be very challenging.

Often, you all must have heard people complaining about an aching stomach, but then they hardly take any action to ease the pain or prevent it from happening again. People often brush off discomfort in their stomachs by calling it gas or bloating. But, in reality, stomach problems can be a lot more than just a “little bit of gas.”

Because of the presence of bacteria and other microorganisms in your gastrointestinal system, it plays a huge role in how we feel. Maintaining a balance of “good” bacteria is vital in proper digestion and overall health, and it’s very important for us to be informed about all the issues that are related to poor gut health.

There are some common health issues listed down which are caused by an unhealthy gut. Here some of them have been discussed.

Mental Health: If you are struggling form mental fatigue, stress, brain fog, depression or anxiety the first thing you should do is clean up your gut! In our fast world, more and more people are coming up with issues of chronic stress, anxiety, and depression. But what many of you don’t realize is that all of these signs are clear indicators of problems with your gut health. It’s difficult to believe that our gut and the bacteria in it could affect our mental health, but this is exactly what new study is showing. This is because the two are connected through communication lines known as the gut-brain axis, so any disturbance in your gut will naturally affect your mental health.

Impaired immune system: If you find yourself getting unwell more often than normal, you should probably check in on how your gut is doing. Your microbiome has a huge impact on your digestive system as the majority of your immune system resides in your gut and if that large percentage is damaged, it will inevitably compromise your immune system as a whole. Over time due to poor gut health, your immune system will deteriorate from working around the clock to find the foreign invaders. This severely weakens your state of being and leaves you susceptible to all sorts of infections and bugs as your body has no way to defend itself.

Skin conditions: Sometimes you easily forget that your skin is a vital functioning organ. Skin problems like eczema, dermatitis, acne, and psoriasis can be pretty awkward and very uncomfortable, but it’s important to understand that they might be the symptoms of something else happening inside our body. There are multiple studies on dermatology that have indicated the relationship between gastrointestinal symptoms like bloating, bad breath, constipation and acid reflux in the development of skin issues like dermatitis, acne, and eczema.

Trouble maintain a healthy weight: If you are asked to play a word association game with “obesity” or “weight gain,” you would probably think of “overeating” or “fast food” or maybe “sugar.” But you should also be thinking of “bacteria.” When your microbiome has an imbalance of bacteria, you become far more prone to weight loss resistance and obesity. Of course, things like overeating or eating fast food and sugar on a daily basis are not good for the balance of your gut bacteria. But if you think your weight doesn’t reflect the overall effort you put into maintaining it, you should ask your doctor to check on your gut health as well. Sometimes you require some extra attention for your microbiome to help you lose weight you’ve been holding onto for years.

Constipation and diarrhea: If you feel bloated and uncomfortable after a meal or perhaps find yourself running to the washroom, this is not how your body should be naturally functioning if your gut is healthy. With a healthy and balanced gut, your elimination should be smooth and easy, with no interference or severe urgencies. This seems a bit obvious in relation to gut health, but maintaining a healthy gut is the only way that you can regulate your elimination.

Acid reflux : Well, it is believed that if you are constantly experiencing acid reflux, then this is a significant sign that you have an unbalanced digestive tract. If you face this annoying and unwanted bodily function, the cause is a combination of your food and an unbalanced gut. So for anyone who suffers from acid reflux, you know exactly how miserable this can be. Hence by fixing your gut, you can rid yourself of this annoying condition once and for all.

Over to you

 Your digestive system holds the key to unlocking the long-lasting health, energy, and vitality you deserve. So if you have a healthy microbiome, getting sick is not something that will happen regularly as immunity is developed to resist common illnesses. But if you are constantly feeling under the weather, then, you should look into your gut health to resolve the underlying issue.

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Beets have a lovely colour, taste and texture. But beets aren’t supposed to be smoked like eggplant. You need to boil them up before smoking, else they’re going to take forever in preparation. Here is our quick and easy guide for best smoked beets recipe

Nutritional Benefits

Beetroot provides you with fibre, iron, potassium, folate and Vitamin C which is good for skin and further act as an antioxidant. It can improve exercise performance, lower blood pressure and serve as a low calorie food. It can also improve digestion and help in weight management. Thyme is a Mediterranean herb and has been traditionally used to cure diarrhoea, stomach ache and sore throat.


2 small beets

Few sprigs of thyme

1 teaspoon olive oil

1 teaspoon lemon zest

Salt- as per taste

Calorie = 112 kcal
Protein = 2.8 grams
Carbohydrates = 14.8 grams
Fat = 4.7 grams
Recommended for- High Blood Pressure and Digestion
Course- Evening Snack


Cut beets into thin slices

Put them in a saucepan, with some water. Boil until tender

Next, light your charcoal or barbecue fire

Take a large piece of foil and lay the beets in them. Brush a little olive oil and top with thyme and lemon zest.

Fold the foil and twist the ends together. Punch small holes in the foil with the help of a knife or fork.

Leave it to cook for 15-20 minutes.

Once cooked, allow it to cool and then discard the charred skin.

Toss with salt and pepper, and serve.

Over to you

Beetroot is a wonder vegetable with goodness of many nutrients. Smokey beets give the dish a distinctive taste along with the flavourful thyme herb. Do try it out!
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