Know All About Thalassemia

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Know All About Thalassemia

Thalassemia is a blood disorder caused by the alteration in red cells which leads to less formation of hemoglobin — the protein substance in red blood cells that supplies oxygen throughout the body and carbon dioxide (waste gas) to lungs. Under this medical condition normal production of hemoglobin and healthy red blood cells are disrupted and causes anemia. When blood doesn’t have enough count over red blood cells to carry oxygen to tissues, leaves a patient fatigued necessitating the requirement of blood transfusion on regular basis.

Generally, the mutated hemoglobin genes causing thalassemia are passed from parents to children. Risk of getting this condition increases if, you have some family history of thalassemia. Severity of thalassemia depends upon the number of mutated gene you inherit from your parents and which hemoglobin molecules (alpha and beta) is affected by mutations. More mutated gene will cause more severe thalassemia with symptoms like deformation bones, pale skin, excessive tiredness, dark urine and delayed body development. Symptoms of this rare disorder mainly tend to be shown up from late childhood or else adolescence. On the counterpart, not everyone has visible symptoms due to
mild/minor thalassemia and requires no blood transfusion.

Ignorance plays a big role in dispersion of thalassemia therefore, to prevent your child from getting infected from lifetime agony, misery, never ending cycle of injections and blood transfusion parents are advised to check their thalassemia status before they plan to step in their parenthood. If the test results are positive for the carrier state, parents should counsel for prenatal diagnosis in the first trimester of pregnancy to know whether the index fetus is affected or not. In case affected then, medical termination is advised to the mother.

The best way to cure thalassemia at your own home is to maintain a healthy and balanced diet for enhanced metabolism and immunity that helps to prevent you from weakness throughout the course of this blood disorder.

  • Zinc Supplemented Foods: Thalassemia patients are diagnosed under optimum zinc level at times which hinders the formation of normal cells in their body lowering the immunity and thus advised to add zinc rich supplemented foods in their diet. Some of the zinc rich foods including
    herbs are pumpkin seeds, cashews, yogurt, spinach and parsley.
  • Vitamin D for Calcium Absorption: Sun the natural source of vitamin D should be the foremost thing to get benefits out of it. Rather than that some of the Vitamin D rich foods to cure thalassemia are cod liver oil, soy milk and raw milk as these foods helps the body to absorb
    calcium while strengthening the body wisely.
  • Folic (Folate) Enriched Diet: Consuming folic rich food including herbs as a part of a healthy diet helps in alleviating the warning signs of thalassemia. A component of vitamin-B complex that can be added in your dietary plan easily. Herbs such as oat straw, red clover and nettle leaves
    and foods like lemonade helps regulating a body mechanisms, egg yolk, beans, avocado, peas,
    lentil and nuts.
  • Calcium, The Bone Strengthening Agent: The important nutrient for the patients suffering from thalassemia, is calcium. Highly recommend to add in their dietary plan. Hardship caused to the body under this condition leads to the weakening of bones and later tends to become fragile where calcium rich foods aid in strengthening the skeleton system of body. Two glasses of milk a day and other dairy products such as yogurt, butter and cheese when consumed on daily basis helps in a lot in such situation.

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