It All Starts From Nutrition

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It All Starts From Nutrition

Why to step back when you have hundreds of reasons to fly! This “International Day Of Disabled Persons” we wish to step forward and take this picture in lime-light focusing on how under the shed of nutrition all of us stands equal.

No especial nutrients are there to carter the requirements of disabled persons then why do we put them in especially categorized group of society? May be that’s what we need to change a little to clear out this huge differentiation.

It All Starts From Nutrition

Nutrients needed by them are the same we seek for in our daily diet. However, due to lack of nutritious food awareness, an issue of concern rises in families having disabled member while creating a dilemmatic situation wondering what nutrition should be in their health guide. Worry not, that’s what we are here for!

You might next wonder, why nutrition only? Well, for children and adults with disabilities often have health risk factors that require nutrition interventions, such as failure to thrive, growth retardation, poor feeding skills, obesity, metabolic disorders and the weaken immune system. Yet, mindful and regular nutritious diet plan can reduces such interventions and reduce the risk health complications.

The nutrition need for someone with special abilities is more or less similar to an average person, but the focus is more on nutritional value and readily digestible food items. You need to focus more on the intake of Omega-3 rich foods, as they are laden with anti-inflammatory properties that would strengthen the immune system. Include foods like- soy, tofu, walnuts, flax seeds, salmon, tuna and eggs. At times, the focus can be kept on complex carbs rather than simple carbs by including a variety of grains like oats, millet, amaranth, quinoa, barley and wheat bran, to derive the maximum nutrition and fiber.

Do not forget to include bananas in the diet, as they are termed as “happy foods” owing to the tryptophan content in them that rejuvenates the mood when consumed. Avoid anything that contains white sugar and limit the intake of yeast containing food items. Coconut water is another natural potion that is laden with ample nutrients, giving the necessary support to immune function and energy requirement.

Over to you:

Instead of getting clutched in limited awareness available for the nutritional needs for disabled person, consult a nutritionist for wider food options serving all the requirements form a simple home based diet.

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