If You’re Craving Spicy Foods Then What Can You Have

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If You’re Craving Spicy Foods Then What Can You Have

Weather has its own vibes which scatters like a moonlight in the night and spreads the tickling happiness giving you cravings for spiciness in your plate! We know many can relate to this when weather chances and takes the form shady clouds. Some chaat padoka or street side chia with bajiya or vada pao sprung out to be the best choice to treat spicy cravings.

Craving for these chatpata snacks now? We knew it! After all, spicy foods have the nature to make anyone fall for its taste. Therefore, today we’ll be filling your cookbook with healthy options of spicy yet health full foods so that, next when you crave spicy foods, you could easily hog-over the listed food items. But have you ever wondered what could be the possible reason of those sudden cravings for spicy foods? Maybe not! So, let’s know what mystery holds behind such spicy scenes.

What Mystery Plays The Role Behind Spicy Cravings:

When an incursion of germs or bacteria takes place in our body, it often gets heat up in order to kill whatever unwelcomed particle or component makes its residency in our immune system. Since, eating spicy foods raise the core temperature of our body and cause us to sweat, our intense sriracha or Szechuan cravings may be the sign to settle and cool down the inner scenario.

That’s our body’s way of nipping the spicy taste buds and perhaps it’s one of the reasons why we prefer ginger, garlic and chilli peppers when we suspect ourselves under this circumstance.

Hey, but be careful! Too much of spice can backfire the body system and can lead to indigestion, dry skin and various health issues.

Foods We All End Up Eating In Real:

Spicy foods generally originate from the key ingredient called “peppers.” The countless variations revolve around when spiciness is all that you desire for in your plate.

  • From peppers to jalapeño peppers to cayenne peppers to flaming varieties like ghost peppers and much more. Taking chilli in limit spells no bad but adding an excessive amount can possibly reverse the matter.
  • And other vast massive categories of pepper mirrors different types of sauces, fast food and fried foods available to bring concentrated fire to the food. It’s too spicy and it’s fried, on the other hand, making the worst food combination.
  • Rest, countless shades hot red and green color sauces (chutnies) along the condiment aisle. Such hot sauce could be fanatically faithful food to treat spicy cravings but at the same time the unhealthiest one when taken on a regular basis.

Healthy Food Choices To Consider:

  • Spicy Veggie Bean Bowl: How about spicy veggie bean bowl enriched with the key nutrients required by your body plus which also treat your cravings for something spicy? A win on win situation where you can nurture yourself with a nutritious dish and enjoy the spiciness you want. Add your favorite sautéed veggies in spiced up boiled beans to enjoy.
  • Spicy Chicken With Sweet Potato Noodles: The quick and healthy meal you can add in your meal plan. It is going to an unforgettable combination of flavors. Sweet potato noodle- easy homemade carb swap for greasy noodles will make out its place in your plate in seconds. It will offer you more nutritional benefits while adding a good texture to your plate.
  • Spicy Rosemary Tomato Chutney: This homemade spicy rosemary tomato chutney is great on top side servings to rolls, sandwiches or some other dish. It simply goes perfectly with anything you have in your plate at the moment. Red tomatoes and spicy jalapeno and rosemary for that extra flavor are the matches for your cravings.
  • Spiced Up Nuts: Instead of going for supermarket spicy nuts packet you better make your homemade spiced up nuts which include almonds, walnuts and cashews. To spice them up to add a dash of your preferred spices and enjoy it with your evening tea or coffee to freshen up.

Over to you:

Who knew cravings could have so many unfolded sides. Hence, it becomes important to pay some attention to the spicy cravings as well because somewhere your body is trying to alert you for some deficiency and new occurrence taking place in your body. So, next when you feel the need of some spicy food, consider to treat that spicy craving with above listed healthy alternatives.

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