If You are Craving For Salty Food Then What You Can Have

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If You are Craving For Salty Food Then What You Can Have

Salt is the first and best thing in your ingredient list when it comes to add taste to your treats. It is the primary source of sodium and helps maintaining the right amount of fluid in the cells, keeping muscles functioning efficient and assisting the nerves to send messages throughout the body.

But it has also been firmly established that hooking up with your salt craving without much justification for long can raise your blood pressure, increase the risk of developing heart disease, stroke or even a kidney failure. According to many studies, it has been found that women are more attached to salt by eight percent than men three percent.

The Salty Situation:

Salty snacks (including chips, popcorn, pretzels) are craved when you’re under stress. Even the crunchy textures of the snacks give you way to channel out your anger.

Craving for salty foods may be due to some factors- one among them is calcium deficiency. Sodium temporarily increases calcium levels in the blood, tricking the body that it has been given calcium. But the more sodium consumed, the more calcium will eventually be excreted, resulting in extra salt and not enough calcium.

Deficiency of potassium may also cause you to crave salt, though the connection between the two nutrients is still under scientific construction. Lack of sodium may also trigger the dopamine reward systems in the brain which induce reward motivated behavior, once you start replenishing it.

Your Action Plan- (Don’t) Pass the Salt:

Salty snacks (that takes chips, popcorn, pretzelsetc into account) are eaten socially (sometimes with alcohol), which actually tune down its cravings.

Keep Yourself Water-Tight- Not drinking enough water can confuse your body and craves salinity. Though too much water can drain much-needed electrolytes out of your system but also sets the salt-craving cycle all over again. So, keep tabs on about how much water you’re drinking and find an amount that makes you feel good.

Eat Fresh- Opt for more fresh ingredients when choosing what to eat. It is the processed foods that are typically laden with salt, while raw fruits and vegetables are naturally lower in salt. Dry grains, legumes and nuts (not the one that are commercially prepared) are also a great way to lower sodium content.

Work it Out- The more you perspire, the more salt from your body loses which often deceive people with a feeling as though their cravings for salt decreases. To not lose too much, it is best to add in some electrolyte enhanced beverages for long duration extensive workouts.

What to Pack For Lunch- Packing a lunch? Add a variety of healthy foods such as hard-boiled eggs, salad, raw carrots or celery with hummus, and fresh apple slices with nut butter (unsalted or no added salt) or strawberries to it. Let your lunch meet few times a week with the low sodium options.

Over to You:
Don’t rush to dramatically reduce your salt intake, instead give it sometime gradual trimming will retain your taste buds.Now whenever you go to reach for a bag of chips over a fruit, pause and think about what is going on emotionally.Don’t be emotionally fooled about salt.

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