How calcium And Vitamin D Goes Hand In Hand?

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How calcium And Vitamin D Goes Hand In Hand?

For ages, calcium and vitamin D has been portrayed together when it comes to maintaining your bone health. But have you ever wondered why these two nutrients always go hand in hand? Well, don’t be so tense about it, as today we are here to discuss the same. Calcium by itself has been the key nutrient for bone health. But that’s just the one part of the story. Vitamin D, on the part, is also important. Why? Have a look!

Why calcium And Vitamin D Works Better Together?
Calcium is an essential mineral for life to build up bones and keep them healthy. Furthermore, calcium enables your blood to clot, your heart to beat and your muscles to contract. About ninety-nine percent of the calcium in your body is stored in your bones and teeth.

Every day, you lose calcium via your nails, skin, hair, urine, sweat and faeces. Your body cannot produce calcium on its own and that’s why it’s necessary to get a significant amount of calcium from the food you eat. When you are unable to get calcium from food, your body starts taking it from bones and teeth. It’s fine for once in a while, but if it starts happening often your bones tends to become weak and easier to break.

But loading up your diet only with calcium won’t help you for so long because vitamin D to is vital as it facilitates calcium’s absorption in your body. Hence, calcium and vitamin D together are essential for building stronger and dense bones especially when you are in growing age and also keeps them strong as you age. That’s the reason why vitamin D is considered as an important part of the picture.

Do you know, deficiency of vitamin D have highly documented during the past decade? Therefore, we suggest you incorporate vitamin D with calcium intake in your diet as it plays an important role in protecting your overall bone health, by helping your body to absorb calcium and by supporting your muscles to avoid falls. In particular, children and women at the age of thirties require vitamin D to build and maintain stronger bones. And in adults, it’s needed it to keep their bones strong and healthy.

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Calcium and vitamin D works better together in order to guard your bones. Calcium, at one side, helps in building and maintaining your bones while vitamin D helps your body in absorbing calcium effectively. So, even if you take in enough of calcium in your diet, it must be going in vain if, you’re diet is deficient in vitamin D. Therefore, it’s necessary to include both the nutrients in your diet in required proportion to prevent any bone illness in future.

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