Home remedies for Gas and Bloating

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Home remedies for Gas and Bloating

I know it may sound little funny or out of the box, but I being a nutritionist (taking care of your diets and health) make sure that your nutritional requirements remain intact and gastrointestinal health excellent. So, why not talk about Gas issues today?
Everyone experiences gas but for some, it’s a real trouble. Flatulence is the medical identity of gas when it gets collected in excess in your digestive
tract. Though forming of gas is a normal part of the digestion process when the food passes undigested it may produce more than what happens naturally and if that happens in your intestines with an inability to pass it out you may start feeling pain and discomforts in your social life. There are also some vegetables and fruits which are notoriously named for forming excessive gas during their breakdown like broccoli, cauliflower, banana, apples etc. And smoking, with no doubt, is also a vibrant cause of forming a gas. But the best thing is that there’s a lot on your kitchen shelves that can handle and solve the issue well unless it’s caused by some gastrointestinal disease.

Home-made remedies
Ginger: It is a regular flavouring agent in your tea with great strength to cure flatulence and congestion. Its easy availability makes it the most efficient driver in driving your gas out.

Fennel seeds (saunf): Fennel seeds give instant relief from gas. Chews them raw after every meal works great in beating the gas out of the body. It’s also a great mouth freshener.

Asafoetida (Heeng): It works as an anti-flatulent. Simply gulping it down with lukewarm water works miraculously. It prevents bacterial growth in the gut responsible for excessive gas formation.

Cardamom: Besides perfuming your breaths this spice is grand at boosting digestive health, relieving gas, bloating and acidity. Simple chewing it or having tea is enough.

Jeera: It’s a compulsory occupant in your kitchen. Boiling a tablespoon of it in a cup of water and drink it to assuage the gastric discomfort caused by gas formation.

Over to you
Well apart from this, you can have some walk to stay at ease. But if all this does not work to bring you at peace with your stomach then there must be some gastrointestinal issues which require medical consultations. Your gastrointestinal tract is the place where all the nutrients are assimilated to fuel the body.

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