Hidden Fats to Avoid During a Weight-Loss Program

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Hidden Fats to Avoid During a Weight-Loss Program

Do you pick foods as per its calorie count to get desired weight drop you’re aspiring for or planning since months ago? Well, for that matter, you might be surprised to know about hidden fats presented in your daily diet that might contribute to increase in a few grams. But do keep in your mind that not all fats needs to be avoided, only certain fats are there which are evaluated nearly to the extra calorie intake. So, here’s a list of hidden fats to be avoided while on a weight loss program.

  • Whole milk and Cream: Cow milk has less fat content as compared to whole milk of buffalo which is high in fats. It is always advisable to choose the toned-skimmed milk or toned milk from a preferred brand. The amount of cream which is present is milk in just concentrated fat. The cream contains up to 10-15 grams of fat that is prepared from that milk.
  • Peanut butter / Butter / Margarine:  Butter / margarine are the richest sources of monounsaturated fats which is not at all healthy for the body. All butter family items are barred food products when you are on a healthy diet. When considering the amount of fat in butter is up to 4 grams that is 5 grams of butter gives you 4g ms of fat which is not a better alternative as comparison to peanut butter which is normally considered healthy, but it has around 5 grams of fat in 10 grams of serving.
  • Red meat:  Red meat contains large amount of iron, creatinine and minerals but are high in saturated fats as well which is not recommended for the people having cholesterol levels. High levels of LDL cholesterol increase the risk of heart disease. So, it’s always advisable to prefer lean meat (poultry, fish, and eggs) avoiding the organ meat such as liver and brain.
  • Movie theater popcorns: It’s true. Surprised? The popcorns that are available in the movie theatre converts into high fats during its processing. As too much butter and oils are added in the popcorns so that it quickly pops-up.
  • Ready to cook packaged meals:  A big no for ready-to-cook packaged foods, commonly when the shelf life of any product is increased because the amount of oil and salt which is added in the product along with the preservatives make it a high-fat product. It’s all mostly harmful.

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It becomes important to pay little more attention towards the unknown fats intake which should be either limited or avoided from gaining those extra grams day after day. So, make sure that you are taking the right amount of nutrients and fewer calories along with fats which should be avoided to get rid of your extra inches.


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