Healthy Food Options on Airplanes

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Healthy Food Options on Airplanes

Off to board your long awaited flight? Excited yet dreading, how it’s going to make you feel up at 30000ft above the sea level? If so, then you are supposed to keep little calm and a check on what you eat during your flight journey if it leaves you feeling sluggish and lethargic after the arrival to your destination. There are some of the tips to choose over the food available in flight which will assure a healthy and energized arrival to your destination. But before that, do not forget to take some homemade foods with you in flight, just in a case you cannot find to choose over the food served in flight.

Usually people assume that they cannot take food in flights but this isn’t the scenario. You definitely can take the food to flight. Good food options to settle in your bag packs are chopped vegetables, nut bars, cheese and crackers, or else if you are tremendously keen for homemade salad or warps, will be perfect to carry that will keep you fuller and satisfied with reduced excess salt and calories often found in processed airline meals and snacks.

At the airport
One of the best things about airports is the array of selection to be made in terms of food has come a long way and has become easier to pick healthy food than ever. Even the fast-food franchises are now providing healthier options. So, picking up some appropriate pre-flight meal at airport depending upon your boarding time can help you land on a better side of being landing sluggishly. Having the most nutritious food while you are running late and rushing through board your flight can make you feel bloated and uncomfortable during the whole journey. So, buy herbal tea, wrap, sandwich or a salad to eat leisurely on the plane and do remember to fill up your water bottle. If forgotten to bring one, buy a water bottle before you get on the plane because changes of getting dehydrated at certain height are always prevailing in flight. Also, smoothies at the same time are good option to pick from air port stores as it combine two of the in-flight super foods- fresh fruits and plain yogurt.

Healthy option to choose over the food available in flight

Lightest meal: The greatest meal option available to have on flight is the lightest food — vegetables and fruit salad, soups and fish. They will not fill you up but not retain extra salt and fluid in the digestive tract.

Yogurt: Human body isn’t designed to digest food at 30000ft above sea level therefore, flying high in the friendly skies can do a lot in your stomach. So, to guard your stomach from any future stomach bug have plain yogurt loaded with natural probiotics, which helps regulating your digestive system properly event in the flight.

Lean Protein: Eating lean protein will maintain your satiety and energy level whereas, food like chicken figures won’t be able to maintain or give you the same during the flight that will also keep you full in a long-haul flight without overloading your body with fats which are hard to digest.

Low-Sodium Items: Too much salt is a cause of jet bloat so it becomes important to stick to low-sodium snack items in order to lessen discomfort. Plenty of snacks and dishes are available in flight with a mark of low-sodium. Else choose foods that are naturally low in salt, such as non-cruciferous vegetables and fresh fruits.

Good amount of water: Drink minimum 250ml of water, every hour while you are flying. As cabin pressure, dry and re-circulated air can lessen your skin moisture. Do not worry about going to the toilet over and over again – it;s actually necessary to move regularly on a long-haul flight to help prevent the risk of deep vein thrombosis.

Words of Caution: Do not tend to eat through boredom in flight because overeating will cause you digestive discomfort. If you decide to go for the plane food, choose the vegetarian meal as it is often lighter than the regular plane food.

Food to Avoid During Flight
Avoid snacking on sugary foods as these will wreak havoc your blood sugar levels, leaving you feeling tired, agitated at the departure of flight.

Avoid Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and other similar green leafy vegetables before boarding or during the flight. Because cabin pressure drops up in the air and gas in your intestines expands, making you feel very bloated. Carbonated drinks and chewing gum can have a similar effect, so give these a miss too.

Avoid consuming alcohol and caffeine in flight, as it will dehydrate the cells under the reduced pressure at such height. Alcohol is extremely dehydrating and drinking it prior to your flight, under the reduced cabin pressure can make your sick till departure. So, stick to the healthy drink options available in flight the save yourself from getting dehydrated.

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