Harmful Effects Of Artificial Sweeteners

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Harmful Effects Of Artificial Sweeteners

While making a trip to the supermarket to stock up your kitchen with healthy food choice, you have to be wary than ever before filling your cart with products marketed as  “sugar-free,” “diet” and “reduced calorie.” Such products are suspected to contain artificial sweeteners and components of it possibly instruct your body to pile up fat that shows adverse effects on your serotonin levels, blocking the healthy journey to weight loss.

So, if you have had the perception that the sweet mix of artificial sweeteners fused in your food and drinks doesn’t bear any health risk factors, then you are seriously mistaken. The array of artificial sweeteners sold under some of the leading brands is armed with their marketing claims of healthy substitute for sugar often ignore consumer’s safety. With hopes of striking a responsive chord, today we are here to talk about your safety when it comes to artificial sweeteners entering your body.

Artificial sweeteners are non-nutritive sweeteners that you might see on supermarket shelves or in some restaurant such as sugar-free, sucralose (Splenda), Equal, NutraSweet, Xylitol and many more. These sugar substitutes aren’t risk-free at all! Introduced with a motive to satisfy your sweet tooth, artificial sweeteners with zero calories might seem to be an excellent alternative to white and refined sugar. However, side effects prevailing over your health and fitness of these fake sweeteners cause health depleting symptoms including migraines and headaches to inappropriate weight gain and even more serious complications like cardiovascular disease, in the long run, explained below:

  • Leads To Type-2 Diabetes: The risk for developing type-2 diabetes has been seen to double up for people who consumed the highest amount of diet beverages as compared to non-consumers. Of course, these results are of sugar-sweetened beverage consumption. Risk for type-2 diabetes has also been amplified in people consuming sugar-sweetened drink or diet sodas every day.
  • Metabolic Syndrome: Greater risk of metabolic syndrome is seen in people consuming diet soft drinks. Metabolic syndrome is a cluster condition that leads to high blood sugar levels, abnormal blood pressure, cholesterol levels and excessive body fat especially around the around the waist which occur altogether and increase the risk of stroke and other several diseases.
  • Inappropriate Weight Gain: Certain chances of weight gain and obesity are considerably higher in people drinking artificial sweetener loaded beverages, compared to people who don’t consume such drinks. Intake of artificially-sweetened drinks, therefore, has been associated with increased body fat and increased body mass index.
  • Hypertension and Cardiovascular Disease: The risk for forming coronary heart disease is highly seen in people consuming more sugar-sweetened beverages and artificially-sweetened beverages every day. Similarly, drinking these artificially-sweetened beverages on a daily basis also elevates the risk of vascular events and hypertension.
  • May Develop Cancer: It also has been believed that artificial sweeteners increase the growth of cancer cells in your body and stimulates neurotoxicity. Consumption of artificial sweeteners are linked with symptoms of heart palpitations, headaches, brains lesions, and Parkinson’s disease. Therefore, restrict such food additives which might turn to be dangerous for your health while increasing the risk of cancerous activity.

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What many of you don’t realize at times, that artificial sweeteners are also a cause of dangerous addiction. They might retrain your taste buds but leaves you to rely on them more and more, leading to even greater instances of type 2-diabetes, obesity, kidney damage and may increase metabolic syndrome. Also, now some studies have ruled out cancer risk from the consumption of non-nutritive (artificial) sweeteners.


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