Five Indian Fermented Foods that you Must Have!

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Five Indian Fermented Foods that you Must Have!

Oldest of all culinary practices- the process of fermentation is to create some of the most amazing dishes of all time. All across India, unique fermented foods are in practice since ages, which the locals have mastered. Such dishes have now become an integral part of their culinary roots.

Consuming fermented foods in general increases the ability of your body to absorb more of essential minerals from the gastrointestinal tract, preventing mineral deficiencies. Indian fermented foods are included in their diet plan by many also as a traditional medicine as many of the foods were observed to be beneficial during multiple ailments. Moreover, fermented foods get easily digested while aiding in digestion and immunity level. Here’s a list of fermented foods from different regions of India, let’s have a look:


  • Curd (Dahi): Dahi is basically consumed all over India with a variety of dishes to enhance the taste of your meal as well as health. A bowl of fresh and homemade curd is the simplest way to add joy in your diet. The biggest advantage with curd is that, it’s a great natural source of probiotics (contains live beneficial bacteria) and is loaded with calcium, essential vitamins, magnesium and potassium serving impressive health benefits like improving digestion, strengthening bone health, reduces stomach inflammation and high blood pressure. You can either consume plain dahi or else mix chopped cucumber, tomato and onion to make the most out of it.
  • Kanji: A North Indian fermented drink made from dark colored carrot and beetroot along with crushed mustard seeds which is considered to be a highly nutritious drink with cooling and soothing properties. Consumption of kanji stimulates the growth of useful bacteria which promotes the healthy bowel movement; keeps the skin hydrated, and replenishes your body with lost nutrients.
  • Idli: These small treats from South Indian made from rice, fenugreek seeds, black gram dal are a great option for breakfast or lunch on the go. Make your diet a bit healthier by swapping muffins or donuts for idli. The fermentation process raises the bio-availability of proteins and boosts the content of of vitamin B in it. When steamed, fat content gets lessened which majorly aids in weight loss.
  • Dhokla: Traditional food of Gujarat made from the fermented batter of bengal gram dal and rice  is a great example of yummy fermented foods that are also easy to make. The fermented dal batter raises the fiber and protein content it and its low glycemic index releases the glucose at a sustained rate making it a perfect snack for diabetics.
  • Raw Cheese: Raw cheese is made from milk that hasn’t been pasteurized. Cheese made from goat, sheep and A2 cow milk is particularly high in probiotics, including bifudus, bulgaricus, thermophillus and acidophilus. Its benefits include treating digestive issues, mental health problems and neurological disorders plus, destroy harmful bacteria and boosts immune system.


Over to you

Include a variety of fermented foods that helps in replenishing the microflora of your digestive tract which keeps your gut light. So, add these suggested fermented foods in your diet plan to get some different yet beneficial health goals. Whenever you decide to  try these desi fermented food from various regions of India, make sure that they are fresh and homemade as that keeps their nutritional value in check and keeps the added preservatives out.

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