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There are days where you question why you feel tired all the time or am I aging too early and you may doubt it on to those nights where you haven’t slept well. Lets’ say a goodbye to such restless days by healthy eating and let’s find out why it happens. There may be no connection within cause, effect and cure and sometimes you certainly may not know the cause. Fatigue is a feeling of tiredness and it may last for a long time until taken proper care of. It can have physical and mental causes.

In this respect, considering the role of nutrition we are here to help you out with the list of food that will maximize your levels of energy throughout the day making you feel fuller in term of satiety.

Causes of fatigue:

Medical causes: There are vast number of medical issues due to which you feel tired all day long, like chronic fever, diabetes, anaemia, etc.

Lifestyle causes: Timetable of your day: what time do you sleep, what time do you wake up, what do you eat. Drinking too much alcohol, caffeine, unhealthy eating can lead to feeling tired.

Psychological causes: Mental stress is one of the major causes why your body feels tired. It can be due to stress, anxiety, depression, struggle to sleep, etc.

Foods to stay active and get rid of feeling tired all day:

Oatmeal: When you wake up all lazy and tired and willing to get back to bed, start your day with a bowl of oatmeal. Oats contain carbohydrates which give glycogen and fuel to our body. Oats also, contain soluble fiber and improve blood sugar control which helps you function better.

Banana: Banana not only tastes sweet and nice but it is also a food containing significant content of potassium which help to lower the blood pressure and contains magnesium which keeps the heart healthy. It also improves the digestive health and also keep you full giving you the required energy for a kick start day.

Nuts(cashews): Cashews have low fiber but are packed with vitamin E,K,B, also consist of iron and magnesium along with copper and zinc. Cashews also help to lower down the blood pressure and keep the bone healthy with the help of magnesium. Cashews give you relaxed and pleasant sleep during the night.

Leafy greens(spinach and kale): The green vegetable consist of vitamins and minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, and vitamins B. it also contains vitamin C and K and has a huge amount of iron and calcium which are very good for keeping active and healthy.

Black green tea and coffee: Coffee increases the fiber intake and protects the liver, they contain antioxidants. They also lower the risk of type 2 diabetes and protects against cancer. It boosts the immune system keeping the body healthy to fight different diseases.

Salmon: Rich in omega-3 fatty acids and very high in vitamin B, also provide potassium and antioxidant. Also, your body needs a good amount of protein to heal, prevent muscle loss, protect bone health and provide daily energy which can be easily managed from including salmon in your meal plan.

Over to you:

Once you start with the healthy eating, it will not only help you feeling better but also you will be able to perform on a better scale. You definitely wouldn’t want to feel the same old you again once you get the feel of the better you.

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