Facts About Osteoporosis

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Facts About Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis In Brief
Osteoporosis is a medical condition when bone density decreases and your body stops generating as much bone as it did earlier. Healthy bones have small spaces called honeycomb and under osteoporosis the size of these spaces get increased, causing bones to lose its strength and density while weakening and thinning of the outside of the bones.

  1.  This bone condition can affect both, males and females, which often seems to occur in women after menopause, due to sudden fall in estrogen hormones.
  2.  Typically, these hormones protects against osteoporosis. Another biggest cause of osteoporosis is age. Throughout the life, your body gets to breaks down the old bones and grows the new ones.
  3. When you turn to your 30s, your body starts breaking down the bones faster than it supposes to replace it and leads to bones with less density and which are more fragile than ever and thus, more likely prone to breakage.
  4.  Osteoporosis is a condition with a high risk of fractures, bone breaks when engaged in routine activities. The most commonly affected bones are your ribs, writs, hips, and spinal cord.

Identifying Osteoporosis- Symptoms

  •  Initial stages of osteoporosis generally don’t depict any warning signs and symptoms.
  •  In the majority of cases, patients with osteoporosis don’t even know that they are having this namely condition until they met some indicative fracture. Even if, symptoms do appear, some of them may include weakened grip strength, receding gums, weak and brittle nails.
  • Symptoms of severe osteoporosis, on the other hand, can take in a place of fracture from a low fall and at times strong sneeze or a cough as well. It can include back or neck pain too.

Osteoporosis Diet
With the condition of osteoporosis, you need to keep your bones as healthy as you can. For that, you need to include some certain nutrients in your daily diet. Amongst which the most important ones are calcium and vitamin D. Your body required calcium for maintaining stronger bones and vitamin D for absorbing calcium. Other nutrients, apart from them like protein, magnesium, vitamin K, and zinc promote overall bone health.

  •  Milk: Reason, why milk is on the first of this list, is that it provides your body with thirty percent of your daily value of calcium. Choose for safe milk with the good consistency of vitamin D to double the benefits.
  • Yoghurt: That’s true, that most of you might get vitamin D through the exposure to sunlight but certain foods such as yogurt to be packed with vitamin D. And who don’t love the protein-packed plain yogurts? Its varieties tend to contain some calcium and vitamin D too.
  • Eggs: Eggs only contain six percent of your daily requirement of vitamin D which are the quick and easy way to get it for your bone health. Just don’t include egg whites but also include yolk for real vitamin D in it.
  •  Spinach: If you are not a dairy person then spinach will be your new favourite in your cookbook to get the required calcium. One cup of cooked spinach has almost twenty-five percent of daily calcium including fiber, iron, and vitamin A.
  • Salmon: Salmon the most popular food known for omega-3 fatty acid content. But salmon is also the great source of Vitamin D too. Well, yes it is! You can include salmon in your diet for stronger bones and to prevent osteoporosis.
  • Tuna: Tuna- another fatty fish and a good source of vitamin D. Three ounces of tuna contain about thirty-nine percent of your daily requirements of the vitamin D. Add incorporating it in some dish for more benefits.

Over to you
Stand up with these several key nutrients guideline we have put forth for your stronger bones. The safest strategy to beat this condition is eating a diet which is low in salt, rich in fresh and minimally processed whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Include the significant amount of calcium and vitamin D from the foods listed above. And at last be sure to limit caffeine and carbonated drinks.

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