Eating Disorder: Bulimia

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Eating Disorder: Bulimia

There is this large pool of people who turn to food when they feel stressed out, lonely or bored or there is also the flip side of it when they do not eat anything wondering that they will gain weight and deprive themselves of food and make a scary relationship with food. And later on, after purging, instead of eating sensibly, they again punish their selves by purging and fasting to get rid of the calories. This fierce cycle of takes a toll on their body and emotional well-being. But what if, we tell you that this cycle can be broken! Yes, with the right support, a healthy relationship with food can be developed and could be possible to overcome the feelings of anxiety, shame and guilt and regain the healthy control on sole life.

An Overview
Bulimia nervosa is what we are going to discuss. An eating disorder characterized by excessive eating or eating negligible—followed by some type of compensatory behaviour. People suffering from bulimia fear of gaining weight, however, some people with bulimia are overweight and may also attempt to purge by saying no to food to manage their weight and prevent extra body weight. Bulimia nervosa is a serious eating disorder which requires intensive treatment, if not treated at the time it can lead to harm your body due to nutritional deficiency. Therefore, getting
help for bulimia can give the best chance to overcome this eating disorder.

Purging signs and symptoms

  •  Going to the bathroom after meals: Frequently disappearing right after meals to throw up out what you ate. At times try and hide the sounds of vomiting by running water.
  •  Using laxatives, diuretics, or enemas after eating. Taking such tablets which help in weight loss and other diet pills to sweat out water weight from the body.
  • The smell of vomit. The bathroom or maybe the person smell like a vomit and may try to cover up the smell with some perfume, mints, mouthwash or air freshener.
  •  Excessive exercising after eating. Ate resting every meal, doing excessive exercise, typical, high-intensity activities such as running or aerobics to burn a calorie.

Recovery Tips

  •  Break the bingeing and purge cycle: In bulimia, the first tip of recovery is to stop the vicious cycle of bingeing and purging. In order to do this, it’s necessary that you relinquish to attempt dieting. Stopping dieting generates bulimia’s destructive cycle of bingeing and purging and help to overcome the anxiety of this food disorder.
  •  Try developing the healthy relationship with food: Is pivotal to develop a healthy relationship with food to recover from bulimia. For that, incorporate you don’t like to eat with the foods with those you were comfortable to see in your plate. It will gradually help you to develop a healthy relationship with food.
  • Challenge dysfunctional thoughts: The bingeing and purging in bulimia is surrounded by dysfunctional, self-sabotaging ways of thinking which destabilize confidence and everything in a negative light and makes you feel helpless, ashamed and inadequate. By thinking nothing at all, questioning musts, must-not and emotional reasoning can stop these unhealthy mental habits.
  • Learn to tolerate foods you don’t like: Accepting foods you don’t like is hard but it’s the last and most affecting tip to recover from this eating disorder. For example, you can add those foods you don’t like one by one in your food list slowly and gradually or week after week.

Over to you
By identifying the trigger of bulimia eating disorder, the help of some concerned therapist can manage the condition from getting worst. Avoid stress and cycle of binging and purging from your side. We suggest, instead of going for any antidotes or drugged medication; one should take the initiative from their end to overcome bulimia naturally without any future side effects on side. And for the same, we have suggested these above listed four recovery tips for your best.

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