Do You Drink Water Immediately Before And After A Meal?

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Do You Drink Water Immediately Before And After A Meal?

Loading up yourself with fluids each day is the essential life-steam to keep your body running. However, a claim that says, drinking water immediately before and after a meal might have well- being reciprocating effects. In support, multiple studies states- “Drinking water right before or/and after a meal dilutes the digestive juices hampering the digestive process. Therefore, suggesting to drink water thirty minutes before or/and after a meal to let the digestion work in a flow while allowing the body to absorb nutrients optimally.”
If you are the one, practicing the habit of drinking water right before or/and after a meal, we request you pay little attention in order to prevent any health issues followed after it. Let’s find out the reason behind this two-folded issue that has been so much on fire in past!

What happens when you drink water right before a meal?
While dismissing the idea of drinking water right before a meal comes alongside the explanation
in brief. For that refer the following paragraphs. Since water has its own coolant properties, it dilutes the gastric juice which directly tears down the digestive strength. Hence, drinking water before a meal is said to weaken the digestion strength (Agni) with a firmly belief of not drinking water an hours before a meal. Also, it’s said
that drinking water before meals weakens and causes emaciation too.

The next question that prompts is what about the scenarios in which medicines are prescribed to be taken before a meal? Well, the answer lies right in the verbal prescription, when a doctor says, “you can take the medicine in between a hour before a meal.” Since the argument continues, it’s suggested to take the medicines half an hour before your meal.

What happens when you drink water right after a meal?
Almost every time after having a meal, thirst is the first thing you experience and wish to quench it with a glass full of water. Thereby, drinking a glass of water right after a meal tampers the natural time process it takes the body to digest food. This also makes you feel hungry faster than before resulting in overeating and later bloating. Hence, recommended time window to drink water after a meal is thirty minutes.
That’s also true that the stomach absorbs water, but an excess consumption of water after a meal dilutes the enzymes essential for digestion. So, note the time window further to your meal while avoiding water immediately after it.

Over to you
Considering it’s important to stay hydrated and drink as much as water you can (minimum of two liters water each day,) you should make sure to keep the meal time in notice to avoid drinking water immediately before and after a meal. Further to it, more researches are to be done, to be more specific about the right time to drink water near by the meal time.

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