Breads & Wraps for Pantry

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Breads & Wraps for Pantry

Intending to bulk your pantry with breads and wraps? Well, if so, then here’s a list of breads and wraps to load your pantry shelves and refrigerator for times when hunger strikes any time of the day. The quick way to plate your meal which can also be stored for months when frozen well enough. If not all then at least few of these items must be in your pantry for those mid-day hunger pangs or to have a fancy breakfast and evening snack. Always check the labels of store-bought bread, wraps, and ingredients. If you wonder how to make them at home, have a look:

Bagels – Bagel is a well-known kind of bread for its chewy yet crisp and golden texture from outside. It is a ring-shaped bread made from yeasted wheat dough, roughly of palm-sized. While preparing, first it is boiled for a minute in water and then baked. Bagels are often topped with sesame and flaxseed. Whereas, some of the bagels also have salt sprinkled surface including different types of dough such as rye or whole-grain. Smearing bagels with cottage cheese or cream and sometimes eating a gluten-free bagel with a hazelnut spread in place of white flour bread with butter is a healthy breakfast choice. To add something healthy to your breakfast plate, try pairing it with eggs, avocado, cheddar, tomato, spinach, feta or salsa. Or else go to another direction, have it with cheese and eggs. Bagels (homemade and packed) last for two to three months when stored in the freezer and when stored in refrigerator lasts only for few days. Whole wheat gluten-free bagels with sesame seeds on top are the best to have. You can also try making it out at your home as well. Bagels are prepared following simple steps and are boiled in water before baking which gives the well-
known texture to them. Making it at home on the weekends can be fun while enjoying it throughout the month.

English Muffins – These are good as once-in-a-while breakfast companion or for an occasional sandwich. A small, round and flat yeast-leavened bread which is commonly consumed as a toast with butter, jam, honey, savory toppings like eggs in breakfast. English muffins are the perfect portable solution to have when hunger strikes. Pair English muffins with peanut spread, berries, and mashed potatoes. Also, you can make French toast or mini Hawaiian pizza out of it. Fresh English muffins can be kept for a week in the refrigerator and in the freezer for six months.

Pita – Sometimes also spelt as pitta, it is a soft, little leavened and baked bread. Its cooking technique is what that helps this bread to get the puffy texture and creates the pocket as well. Including pita in your pantry is the best way to get hands over instant homemade wraps which are best accompanied with dips, especially hummus. Top a layer of smashed avocado and egg katori on a warmed pita and chow down for a satisfying
breakfast, stuff pita with last night meat leftover or fresh chopped veggies, chickpeas or anything healthy you find in your kitchen which is compatible to be filled in it. When kept in an airtight container it only lasts for few days, and in the freezer, it lasts for few months. So, you can pull out one or two of it as needed and have it after defrosting and reheating it well.

Rice Papers – Edible rice paper is used for making rolls (salad rolls) or spring rolls also, used in the home-baked foods such as macaroons. These thin round sheets of rice are dipped in hot water to soften it which are wrapped around sweet or savory ingredients. Rice papers are generally available in two types: white papers and brown papers. Go for the packet with least ingredients listed and try to pick brown rice papers over the white one. Pack rice paper with fresh herbs and veggies after cooking it properly. The best way to have it is to steam or bake it. When rice papers are stored in an airtight container they last for few years.

Sandwich Bread – You can have a loaf of bread for occasional toast, a regular multigrain sandwich with grilled veggies, cheese or nut butter. Sandwich bread can be made from using varieties of flour: white, multigrain, whole wheat, rye and sourdough. Layer it with delicious tomatoes and cheese, make breadcrumbs of it or unleash the true power of sandwich bread by layering it with grilled veggies or any fruit you like to have in your breakfast or evening snack. Frozen multigrain bread is good to store up to three months or more but fresh bread can be stored for at least 3-4 days only.

Tortilla – Tortilla is a soft, thin and flat bread which is made from finely grounded Mexican wheat. Made from the water-based dough and cooked like corn tortillas. The homemade version of it usually has minimal ingredients that taste better. Having tacos with a stash of corn tortilla is an extremely easy snack to make yet delightful. Flour tortilla, on the other hand, makes a wonderful lunch wrap. Have it with Melted cheese, creamy toppings and savory chicken, combine it with fried rice or else eat it in your breakfast with eggs and veggies filled in between.

Tortilla kept in the freezer are good to eat for six months whereas, fresh tortilla might last for a week in the refrigerator. Corn tortillas are great for making tostadas, tacos, enchiladas and also can be used to prepare tortilla chips at home.

Pizza Dough – You might love to have a pizza night every week. After all, it’s fun having it more than cooking it. But the longest part of pizza preparation is given extra time to the dough of course! So, what about making whole wheat pizza dough altogether and keep it in the freezer for next few pizza nights? Pull it out, defrost in the morning and you are set to go. Thin crust pizza is best to make out of it. Use your favorite toppings with little cheese while keeping your health goals in mind. Pizza dough stored in the refrigerator last up to a couple of weeks when stored in the

Wonton Wrappers – While wonton wrappers aren’t a staple for everyone but still can be considered to be a part of your pantry. The typical yellowish square sheets of wheat flour dough with a base of water and egg. You can make cinnamon sugar wonton chips, mozzarella pizza stick, mini tacos, cheesy hot dog wraps, strawberry dumplings or mini samosa. And it is also an essential ingredient to make appetizers like egg
rolls and dumplings.

Now you decide which bread you want to stock in your pantry. And suggest few more dishes that can be made with bread and wraps in the comment section below.

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