Benefits Of Infused Water

By Nmami Agarwal     28-Jun 2018

Benefits Of Infused Water

Water infused with herbs, fruits and vegetables give a beautiful companionship to a crystal clear glass which undoubtedly wins your heart. Or else a jug of water infused with a lemon slice, cucumber, berries, rosemary springs and mint leaves not only taste good but also gives the motivation to sip it for an entire day.

Multiple claims are been made emphasizing benefits of infused water. Body detoxification, weight loss, clear skin and what not! Water itself, at the very first place, is your body’s source of life. The necessity to keep yourself hydrated naturally facilitates your body to flush toxins keeping your skin clear and elastic.

Infused water compels special benefits by making drinking water more pleasing, both for the eyes and taste buds. As an additional bonus, fruits infused water nearly gives a sweet flavor like fruit juice without any extra sugar or calories. An array of natural vitamins and antioxidants are released up to thirty percent in the water while enhancing its properties.

The real benefit of drinking infused water is hydration; rest follows with an increased ratio of nutrients in it respectively. Have a look:

  • Slow down aging: Infused water is a natural powerhouse of antioxidants that help in fighting free radical damage and slow down aging. It also increases collagen production, leaving your skin plump and healthy. You probably will start noticing the same within weeks by the time start drinking fruit infused water.
  • Fasten metabolism: The active compounds present in herbs, fruits, and vegetables pace up your metabolism, enabling your body to burn extra calories. For say, lemon water is a familiar drink for enhanced metabolism effects. Such refreshing and healthy drinks not only energize your body but also promote weight loss.
  • Ease digestion: Just in case your belly hurts and you constantly feel bloated then, citrus infused water gives a support to your digestive tract and can help it function properly. Drink infused water with lemon, ginger, oranges, papaya, and berries as these fruits cleanse your body leaving cooling effect in your stomach.
  • Flush out toxins: You all probably have heard the saying, “sweat it out!” Water consumption aids your body in flushing out waste through urination and sweat, releasing toxins and allowing your body to function optimally.
  • Treats sweet tooth: These colorful and flavorful drinks are best to treat your sweet tooth without loading your body with extra sugar and calories. This amazing benefit of infused water makes it a great choice for fitness buffs and dieters seeking to stay fit.

Over to you

When you make a habit of drinking infused water you ought to see lots of improvements in your body functioning and skin texture almost within 2-3 weeks. Above listed benefits are among those improvements and health benefits. Also, including the practice of drinking infused water will help your body stay fit with nature’s most amazing flavors.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing such a imp. Message about infused water its alwz so nice to read notes from you. You realy help so many people in improving health.

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Beets have a lovely colour, taste and texture. But beets aren’t supposed to be smoked like eggplant. You need to boil them up before smoking, else they’re going to take forever in preparation. Here is our quick and easy guide for best smoked beets recipe

Nutritional Benefits

Beetroot provides you with fibre, iron, potassium, folate and Vitamin C which is good for skin and further act as an antioxidant. It can improve exercise performance, lower blood pressure and serve as a low calorie food. It can also improve digestion and help in weight management. Thyme is a Mediterranean herb and has been traditionally used to cure diarrhoea, stomach ache and sore throat.


2 small beets

Few sprigs of thyme

1 teaspoon olive oil

1 teaspoon lemon zest

Salt- as per taste

Calorie = 112 kcal
Protein = 2.8 grams
Carbohydrates = 14.8 grams
Fat = 4.7 grams
Recommended for- High Blood Pressure and Digestion
Course- Evening Snack


Cut beets into thin slices

Put them in a saucepan, with some water. Boil until tender

Next, light your charcoal or barbecue fire

Take a large piece of foil and lay the beets in them. Brush a little olive oil and top with thyme and lemon zest.

Fold the foil and twist the ends together. Punch small holes in the foil with the help of a knife or fork.

Leave it to cook for 15-20 minutes.

Once cooked, allow it to cool and then discard the charred skin.

Toss with salt and pepper, and serve.

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Beetroot is a wonder vegetable with goodness of many nutrients. Smokey beets give the dish a distinctive taste along with the flavourful thyme herb. Do try it out!
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