9 Day Of Fun- 9 Days Of Fasting And Feasting!

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9 Day Of Fun- 9 Days Of Fasting And Feasting!

Spiritual Significance:

You get to experience tremendous gala and loads of positivity in the most spiritual nine days, celebrating the coming of Goddess Durga during the period of Sharad Masi Aswin as per the Hindu lunar calendar. “Nav-Ratri”- a Sanskrit term signifying the glorious “Nine Nights” divided in a set of three days adoring three diverse aspects of the supreme goddesses.

First three days are deliberately dedicated to Goddess Durga to invoke power and energy. Next three days are devoted to Goddess Lakshmi for inexhaustible wealth and prosperity in life and last three days are committed to Goddess Saraswati to acquire spiritual knowledge.

Insight To Festivity And Feasting:

How thoughtful and devotional, this festive concept seems to be! But beyond this spiritual and devotional aspect, another aspect of celebration also exists, where festivity takes a turn to happiness at its peak. Dandidya night, garbha night, traditional mirror worked attire, array of luscious dishes, humongous pandals and what not! Every initiative to celebrate Navratri not just lessens the restlessness of your soul but also brings a wave joy in life.

Not forgetting the prominence of 9 days of fasting and feasting, Navratri holds importance of holy feasting when consuming alcohol, onion, garlic or non-vegetarian items are abstained from the daily meal plan for that particular time period. Instead, the festival chalks out a strict list of food items that you can consume while fasting such as sabutdana, kuttu ka aata, sighada aata, fresh fruits, potatoes, nuts, dairy, sendha namak, and tea. However, you can simply make out varieties of dishes from these limited food items and enjoy the fast feasting for these nine days.

Connotation Of Fasting In Navratri:

On Religious Grounds– The concept of fasting in navratri in terms of religious grounds directly links to getting closer to the almighty. It’s believed that abstinence from current lifestyle facilities facilitates your spiritual purification leading to a stronger willpower. Also, it is considered as the best possible path to witness divinity and beat oneself in the human race to attain self-discipline and endurance. Therefore, fasting while giving up on regular food and switching to lighter foods is a practice of abstinence and moving closer to God.

On Scientific Grounds– Fasting when taken on scientific grounds, gives your body the much needed break from regular dietary routine giving you the choice of food items which are comparatively lighter for your stomach and full of nutrients at the same time. Much importance is given to the consumption of dairy products, fruits and light vegetables. Fasting in this case, is approached as an opportunity to merge devotion while practicing some lifestyle changes in order to detoxify the body. The basic idea is to restrict processed foods. Making choice for unprocessed sendha namak (rock salt) over regular iodized table salt completely supports the detoxifying idea.

Over to You:

This Navratri rejuvenates yourself and connect with the source of bodily existence. Witness, how fasting decreases the restlessness of your mind and how it becomes easier for you to restart a whole new healthy day. However, do make sure you are eating sufficient fresh fruits and other sattvik foods to keep yourself energized.

Diet Plan for Navratri: Day 1

Breakfast: 1 glass of milk +Handful of dry fruits

Mid Meal: Indian fusion lemonade with senda namak; Makhanas 8-10

Lunch: Sabudana Khichdi with peanuts and tomatoes

Snack: Green tea/ Tea/ Coffee (without sugar); Fruits

Dinner: Paneer Aloo Tikki (1-2 pc)

Post Dinner: Elachi Milk or Fruits

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