6 Foods To Cut Down In Your Diet

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6 Foods To Cut Down In Your Diet

Many of you might be following an unhealthy diet, which is responsible for holding you back from achieving your health goals. Most of the culprits might be disguised as healthy foods with some tagline that refers to nutrition. There are hundreds of food items you believed were smart choices but in actual they aren’t. Such food items might be ideal as easy- to- grab options when running late for your school, college or office but they should not be an alternative to hog-over on a daily basis.

Would you wish to know about your diet’s worst enemies depriving you of accomplishing fitness goals? If yes, then read on and get ready to eliminate health ruining six foods from your diet:

  • Soda: One of the worst enemies of your diet is soda. Both diet and regular soda are backed-up with adverse effects on your body. The consistency of aspartame and artificial sweeteners in diet soda can mess up with your body’s regulatory system. In addition, soda neither nourishes nor gives your body anything at all. Plus, it’s an adaptation towards excess calories. Nonetheless, studies have linked soda to decreased bone health, tooth decay,     increased risk of type 2 diabetes and headache. Be on a safer side and choose wisely, next!
  • Cheese: It’s true, cheese contains a rich proportion of bone-building calcium available in low-fat versions but consuming it day and night can outweigh the good of it easily. Universally, cheese is consumed in over-portions. It’s fine to have it once in a while, but putting it in the sandwich, eggs, salads, and everywhere is not at all fine. Cheese is high in saturated fat making it difficult to digest, which causing bloating. Therefore, we suggest cutting down the consumption of cheese occasionally for better health.
  • Red Meat: Consumption of red meat has been associated with shortened lifespan. A compound found in red meat called carnitine causes atherosclerosis means, clogging or hardening of arteries. Moreover, increased level of carnitine leads to increased risk for cardiovascular disease and also converts into a heart-damaging compound called trimethylamine-N-oxide (TMAO) via bacteria in your intestine. Red meat is also used as an additive in some of the energy drinks. So, be mindful of next time before choosing it to be on your plate.
  • Refined Sugar:  Any form of sugar, for that matter, refined sugar causes an inflammatory reaction in your body, which is a known cause of multiple diseases. Sugar is considered to be addictive as much as cocaine, feeding to cancer cells, causes insulin resistance and spikes blood sugar level leading to diabetes. Plus, it’s the topmost reason to put on those extra kilos, especially around your belly and who wants that? Afterall, sugar at the end is just empty calories!
  • Processed Foods: In general, the term ‘processing’ means freezing or canning food items making them unhealthy to eat. Processed food is loaded with sodium, toxic materials, trans fats, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, other food-like substances and a further long list of unhealthy ingredients continue, of which your body doesn’t know what to do.  Hence, saying goodbye to processed foods is a great way to get closer to keep your fit and healthy body.
  • Fried Foods: Deep frying- an inexpensive way to make food taste crunchier and tasty but at the same time you forget it also, takes a back of high calories and trans fats making adverse effects on your body. Fried food tends to lose water and absorbs fat from processed seed or vegetable oil raising a number of health issues and several diseases, especially heat-related ailments and skin issues.

Over to you

So, before you get disappointed even after so much of hard work for maintaining your health and fitness goals, we suggest you a list of recommended six foods to cut down in the diet for effective results. From next time, don’t fill your grocery cart with these listed foods items if you seek to brace your health.



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