5 Snacks to Include When You are Fasting During Navratri

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5 Snacks to Include When You are Fasting During Navratri

Navratri is a nine-day festival comprise of fasting, pooja and various spiritual and religious events. It is believed that during that period Maa Durga visits her devotee’s home in her nine incarnations to bless them with life specifications.

Navratri also has scientific relevance, it occurs twice a year during the time of seasonal changes. As our immune system has tendency to weaken during seasonal transition staying away from certain food can help us be fit and disease-free to a certain extent. This seasonal transition also resembles the importance of foods stocked in our kitchen for nine days. Let’s know more about it and add few nutritious snacks in our cook books for fasting during this Navratri.

Do’s and Don’t of Navratri Vrat:

During the period of fasting devotees have to abstain themselves from having meat, fish, alcohol, garlic, onions, eggs, spices and common salt. Rock salt (sendha namak) is the only salt you can use in this fasting period. It is not only beneficial for your blood pressure but also help in absorption of minerals.

Also, do not starve yourself during this period. Try sticking to drinking ample amount of water, coconut water or chaas if, you are aiming to lose weight in a healthy manner. A healthy way to survive Navratri fasting is to keep eating nuts and fresh fruits in every three to four hours. You can go for fruit chaat or fresh homemade unsweetened juice or yogurt base smoothie and homemade roasted or salted nuts which will give you a boost or energy to sustain through a day.

Here’s a list of some healthy snacks that will ensure you gain sufficient nutrition during these nine days

  • Vrat ki Idli – This idli is made from samvat orvari rice which is a millet grain used especially during fasting. It is healthy and super delicious snack accompanied with no onion, no garlic chutney. This fresh recipe will give you break from usual fried pakoras and puris and offer your body a good content of carbs while filling you up by the time of next meal.
  • Singhare Aata Samosa– With a filling of broken cashew nuts, raisins and spiced chironji, these samosas will taste divine. Do not worry at all as you won’t be compromising with your fasting or health as these samosas are baked or air fried fitting in list of fasting ingredients only. So, feast it while fasting!
  • Sabudana SaladSabudana is staple food ingredient while fasting as it is consumed by most people while fasting. It has high content of protein which is important for building bones and muscles. Enjoy the soothing flavors of this light and lovely salad by adding grapes, pineapple, kiwi, tomato, apple, peanuts or any other fruit, dry-fruit or vegetable you like.
  • Banana Kebabs– Tired of eating potatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner while fasting? Try the perfect healthy tea time snack as raw banana is very high in potassium and vitamin C and other essential nutrients. The banana kebabs will melt into your mouth and please your soul, uplifting your mood and energy levels both.
  • Lauki Kheer– Lauki aka bottle gourd has multiple health benefits. It is rich in dietary fiber, and promotes weight loss. Its fat and cholesterol content is extremely low. Try the low fat lauki kheer recipe this Navratri season and spread the love and joy across family and friends.

Over to You:

Fasting needs not to be boring anymore now! It’s not for depriving you of food but it is for disciplining you for good eating habits. So, just keep your heart pure and rest Mata rani will take care!

Diet Plan for Navratri: Day 2

Breakfast: Fruit bowl+ 1 glass of milk +Handful of dry fruits

Mid Meal: Mint Zeera Chaach with sendha (Rock) salt

Lunch: Aloo Kuttu Kadhi (1 katori) + Vegetable + Cucumber Salad + Plain Curd

Snack: Mixed Fruit Smoothie (without sugar)

Dinner: Baked Aloo Chaat

Post Dinner: Golden Turmeric Milk or Fruits

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