5 Blunders You End Up Making in Navratri

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5 Blunders You End Up Making in Navratri

Navratri has its own, a great festive whiff when comes! A lot of people observe fasts during this time as a mark of devotion towards Goddess by denouncing worldly pleasures.

While there are certain food items like grains, table salt, non-vegetarian foods and alcohol which are strictly prohibited but along with that, there are some lesser known specific food items, which should be avoided.

Here’s a list of 5 foods that should be avoided during Navratri. Have a look!

  • Tetra Pack Fruit Juices: A good way of detoxify your body is to drink lot more liquid. Many people survive on just liquids for whole nine days enabling them to cleanse the body system. But, be careful that you do not consume packaged fruit juices during this period. We think it’s healthy to buy those tetra packs as they have written “no preservatives” on them, but sadly that is not the truth. These juices are good to taste and are sweet in nature, but that is mostly done by artificial flavors and colors.
    Try adding fresh fruit juices which is nutrition rich and will quench your thirst.
  • Adding Up Spices: The spices that we use in normal household days like turmeric, red chili, asafetida, and coriander powder should not be used during Navratri days. Since it’s time to eat light and cleanse our system from within, eating too much spicy food can give rise to tamas-guna.
    Try avoiding these spices during Navratri. You can add subtle spices like cumin seeds or powder, green cardamom, cloves or rock salt.
  • Onion and Garlic: According to hindu mythology, onion and garlic add tamsic qualities to food. The ayurvedic view behind avoiding onion and garlic is that these are known to generate heat in the body hence these food attracts negative energies and should be avoided during seasonal change.
    Try making tasty onion and garlic free recipes. For inspiration check our recipe section.
  • Ice-Cream or Chocolates: There are salt and certain form of grains that are added in ice-creams & chocolates. As salt and grains are not supposed to be eaten during Navratri, you must restrain yourself from eating them.
    Try to satiate your sweet tooth with navratra special sweet dishes like makhane ki kheer, dry fruit ladoo or lauki ka halwa. Yogurt mixed with berries and a fruit is another great and healthy option. It’ll tastes just as good and amazing.
  • Oils: There is very limited varieties of oils you can use during Navratri. Mustard oil or rice bran oil should be avoided during this period as sources of these oils are considered as ann or anaaj.
    Try Use refined oil while cooking during Navratri. For tempering you can add a little amount of unheated desi ghee if required.

Over to You:
Navratri is a great opportunity to merge devotion and practicing a healthy lifestyle that help to cleanse and detoxify your body. Now that you have all the things to avoid during Navratri in your mind, we hope, this Navratri will be blunder free and more joyous and fulfilling to you.

Diet Plan for Navratri: Day 5

Breakfast: Banana almond milkshake

Mid Meal: Coconut water

Lunch: Kuttu atta uttapam(1 in no.) + Mint raita

Snack: Green tea/ Tea/ Coffee (without sugar); Fruits

Dinner: Sabudana bhel

Post Dinner: Elaichi milk or Fruits

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