3 Top Listed Reasons For Cravings

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3 Top Listed Reasons For Cravings

The specificity of the hunger towards which you have an overwhelming inclination and give effort to the hilt to satisfy it, is craving. Craving is that when you just don’t want to eat something; instead, cling around ice cream or chocolate or something alike for which there is no compromise.

The tricky part about cravings is differentiating between the physiological needs of the body where certain elemental or nutrient deficiency hint a certain food, and the mercurial desires of the mind which have no science behind it except the unwavering desire to want it. Is it truly your body that wants chocolate or is it your mind that wants it, to provide a momentary mood upliftment?

After digging much into it, I’m here presenting you the three topmost reasons that back your cravings over all other things.

Reason # 1: Emotions:

Though humans are bannered under logical creatures but when it comes to food cravings, the logic is gone. There are a number of studies that have evidenced that emotions play a key part when we start to crave for foods. Cravings have been linked to boredom, anxiety, stress, sadness, and guilt.

What Added Emotions to Your Cravings!! The best explanation can be given by those promising theories which link your cravings to the reward-based stress eating. Stress release opioids, which are the chemicals that relieve pain. This further explains out that eating high palatable foods can release opioids, which is essentially a reward of eating certain foods.

Studies have indicated that many cravers feel better after eating what they craved for.

No- All Emotions are Not Same:

Not all emotions are villains taking you to the food plate, but a negative emotional state, like stress or boredom, are at higher linkages with cravings because the opioids in such a state make you feel more relaxed than when in a happier state.

Reason # 2 : Restriction:

As we grow, our maturity level parallels with reasons and explanations. After a certain age we are not supposed to behave like a kid, but when the craving is on all the orders and decorum are disobeyed.

When the effects of dieting are brought under the lens of researchers on cravings, we found a report which says that since most dieter’s load their plate by “boring” and repetitive diet, cutting out the bad foods like chocolate and junk food.This restriction has been the cornerstone causing the craving frequency and intensity to increase. In-fact one more study also found that under monotonous diet (a very restrictive one), cravings quadrupled.

The less you get something, the more you crave it

Guest Appearance in the Cause and Effect Role: Fasting:

If restriction is causing your craving soar then fasting would have skyrocketed it. NO.
Fasting is a different race where instead of cutting out specific foods on your meals, all foods are blown out for a set amount of time. And while you initially might expect some increase in cravings, fasting in-actual decreases your cravings.

Reason # 3: Habits (and Triggers):

Humans can be conditioned, like the way you do to your pets. The reward motivated behaviour sets in, like you reward your kid with a chocolate when he/she is done with homework.

Charles Duhigg, a famous author on habits, coined the “habit cycle” which have three components: a cue (call it a trigger), a routine, and a reward. When taking this cycle to food cravings framework, then the routine is eating, and the reward is the pleasant taste and good feelings. So avoid that trigger that ignites the routine which can be thinking about a certain food, smelling or seeing foods or emotional states (as discussed earlier).

Unlearning a habit is tough but not impossible.

The Gender Affinity:

Gender have a role, where women have a different degree of craving for a certain food and men have different, like on one hand chocolates are craved more by women than men while on the other craving for pizza is more in men than women.

A study with a sample of people at the age bracket of 18 to 36 years found that 100 percent women and 75 percent men among them had at least one food cravings in the past one year which corroborates the fact that all are not at the same page.

Lower percentage on comparison with the other doesn’t puts in better stage. Craving when left unnoticed can trigger binge eating which casts its own dark shadow on your health.

Over to You:

Cravings aren’t transparent, had they been you wouldn’t have been at their mercy. Taking caring of your eating notions and ways, can tell much about your health state, which when taken care leads to great results about your overall development.

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