The Perfect Body

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The Perfect Body

Do you ever stop and think about how much you would love to change a part of your physical appearance and be the correct definition of beautiful for once? How often do you look at other people and think about how dull their appearance is or how their features stand out of the ordinary? This might seem like a very inconsequential detail of your everyday lives but this happens more often than you would care to accept. You watch sitcoms showcasing plump people as the basis a of show’s joke. Why is being skinny considered as sick and being overweight considered as absurd?

Body shaming! Everyone has heard of it and and been unconsciously practicing it too. Body shaming is the execution of an idea of stooping others or ourselves down, on the basis of demeanor. There is a size range that has been considered acceptable by the public for men and women, so anything beyond or below is considered open for body shaming. These unrealistic and unhealthy expectations not only demean what the correct definition of beauty is but also constructs a stereotype  paradigm an image of a perfect body. Christopher Poindexter once said, “I will shed all of this skin down to the very bone beneath it, if that’s what it will take for you to come to the realization that appearance is not what makes a human beautiful.”

What is beauty? As they say, “it’s in the eyes of the beholder.” Beauty is not overeating to make yourself fit into the mold neither it is about starving yourself because fat makes you undesirable. Dark skinned is not ugly nor is being too short or too tall unacceptable. You live in an unrestricted and liberal era where there is a right to be diverse, all you need to do is – accept the freedom to embrace your natural-selves. You too, can be beautiful in your acne scars, stretch marks and cellulite.  What you feel about yourself is what you’ll project out to the world. Feel confident in your own skin, feel radiant in the way you move because beauty, starts with you.

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4 thoughts on “The Perfect Body”

  1. Maam i am very thin my age is 17 n i my weight is 38 how do i put on some weight how do i get a lerfect body

  2. My age is 19 and height 145 cm,weight 53 kg
    I am very much conscience about my breast size its 95cm
    And even there is no glow on my ace

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