The Story Behind Father’s Day

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The Story Behind Father’s Day

Fathers are truly our superheroes! Right? From teaching us how to ride bicycles to telling us how to do our finances, dads are the best friends we need and and more. He’s the one who protects, cares, nourishes, strengthens, loves and nurtures you throughout while being a strong role model. I bet you grew up wanting to emulate your dad and being just like him. This Father’s Day, express your love and gratitude to that superhero who has collected and presented you countless happy memories and has been by your side just like Henry Jackson Smart was there for his daughter after his wife died. Sonora Smart Dodd was the one who pushed for honoring fathers and celebrating Father’s Day, in honour of her own father, Henry Jackson Smart.

So, the story starts when Mrs. Sonora Smart Dodd thought of celebrating a day for her father in 1909, because her father, Henry Jackson Smart, raised her beating all the odds in life after the death of his wife and Sonora’s mother. She saw her father making sacrifices just for her sake and realized, how selfless, brave, and affectionate he was. Later she wanted to let her father know what position he held in her life and decided to give him a tribute for everything he did all his life to guard and protect her, on June 19, 1910.

Getting up every morning and looking at your dad is surely the world’s proudest feeling you could experience. He actually has that unconditional love and profound affection in his heart that compels his children to keep following him with a hope of learning new things. This perseverance and patience he has within him to make such things possible is what makes him a superhero. At times it’s a little perplexing to understand from where he gets the motivation to make impossible things happen just like that. But that’s the man who holds the tag of father with the power to make things easier throughout the life just for you.

This father’s day you can too make your father feel special the way he puts in every ounce of his energy to make you feel happy.

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