No Frying Day

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No Frying Day

Deep frying might give you the desired crunchiness to food while taking you to heavenly treats you always wondered off. This common cooking method is not just yours favourite, it’s the universal cooking method. Beat street stalls, café or any restaurants, fried is the food that has a global fan following for its quick and inexpensive way of preparation.

Fried foods include what not? Take fish or potatoes to make french fries or chicken strips or cheese sticks, you get countless deep-fried dishes to see around. Despite knowing the fact, such foods do no good to the body and in return only pay backs with the deposition layer of calories and unhealthy fats such as trans and saturated fats. Hence, eating a lot of fried or eating it on regular basis it emerges up only with negative effects to the health.

Know why to restrict fried foods in your diet: Are high in calories, eating fried foods increase the risk of disease like diabetes, heart issues or obesity. The oil used while frying out there in streets or in restaurants is unhealthy and is reused which leads to breaking down and results in a changed composition that causes more oil absorption in food. Such composition changing further boosts the chances of high cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

With the help of this No Frying Day Challenge you can easily win the fight against commercially fried foods and its adverse effects on your health. For that, opt for the alternative like baking, grilling, steaming and air frying.

Do you know usually the foods you fry can also be baked? Yes, of course, you can, while having the crispiness still alive within! Grilling is the easiest way with which foods come out to have a rich, deep, smoky flavour. Other than that, steaming has always been called a bad rap and often associated with bland flavouring. Well, that’s not so untrue! Steaming does properly cook veggies making them tender, brighter and flavorful if cooked for the correct time period and also keeps the most of its nutrients.

What Role Do You Have To Play?

Say no to fried foods and start a revolution that says “No Frying Day.” Instead, choose another alternative that has mentioned above and see the difference in your health on your own. We bet your weight will be the first thing to come notice once you cut down fried from your diet. Rest the call is yours. To stay fit, quite the fried!

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