Avocado Pasta

By Nmami Agarwal     29-May 2019

Avocado Pasta

Now you can enjoy your vacation with a goodness of health and taste. This avocado pasta is known to be super delicious filled with rich flavour. So, the next time you are travelling, make sure to order this pasta or infact choose to cook for your loved ones. The smooth creamy avocado along with the tangy garlic and fresh herbs make an amazing combo! Plus, it’s healthy and good for you too!

Nutritional Benefits –

Avocado is basically a fruit of the avocado tree, scientifically known as Persea americana. This fruit is known for its high nutrient value and can be added various dishes to enhance a dish flavour and rich texture. In the recent times, the avocado has also become an incredibly popular food among health-conscious individuals. It’s often called up as a superfood. It’s also called “alligator pear,” due to its pear-shaped body and has green, bumpy skin which appears as an alligator. In this fruit, the yellow-green flesh inside the fruit is eaten, but the skin and seeds are usually discarded. Avocados are rich, nutritious fruit containing a wide variety of nutrients, including 20 different vitamins and minerals in them.


  • 20 grams; whole wheat spaghetti
  • 25 grams avocado, ripe, halved, seeded and peeled
  • 20 grams fresh basil leaves
  • 1-2 cloves garlic
  • 1 teaspoon freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
  • 1 Teaspoon – olive oil
  • 20 grams of cherry tomatoes, halved
  • 10 grams of corn kernels, drained and rinsed

Calories – 188 kcal
Proteins – 4.4 grams
Fat – 11.3 grams
Carbohydrates – 18.3 grams


  • Start by cooking the pasta in a large pot of boiling salted water, choose to cook pasta according for 3-4 minutes and drain it well.
  • For the avocado sauce, choose to combine the ingredients such as avocado, basil, garlic and lemon juice in the food processor and blend them together.
  • Once the sauce is ready, season it with salt and pepper, according to your taste buds. Also, add olive oil in a slow stream until emulsified; set them aside.
  • In a big bowl, combine pasta with avocado sauce and top it up with cherry tomatoes and corn kernels.
  • Serve immediately.

Over to You

Enjoy the flavorful, and super easy avocado pasta! This easy recipe will be prepared under 15 minutes which you enjoy with your family and friends on your holidays.


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Pinaca is a traditional Goan sweet dish. This dish is made by Goan rice, jaggery and plenty of coconut. Pinaca are usually made into sweet balls and can be consumed all year long. This simple sweet dish is easy to make yet high in nutrient value.

Nutritional value
Pinaca balls are high on nutrition as they contain jaggery, which is good source of iron, naturally occurring B vitamins, minerals like phosphorus, zinc, calcium and copper. Coconut contains lauric acid, which helps to increases good HDL cholesterol, also cytokinin’s present in coconut have showed anti-ageing, anti-carcinogenic effects.


40 grams Goan rice flour
¼ fresh coconut
1 tablespoon Jaggery
1 tablespoon desiccated grated coconut
Pinch of cardamom powder
Nuts (optional)
Coconut water (optional)

Calories- 217 kcal
Carbs- 28.6 grams
Protein- 1.9 grams
Fats- 10.3 grams

Course- Dessert


First take the Goan rice and dry roast it on a tawa or pan.

Cool the rice and later powder them in a grinder.

Now take jaggery, crush it and grind it along with coconut, also add pinch of cardamom powder. Grind them on a round grinding stone if possible, otherwise just use a grinder.

Take this mixture out and keep adding flour, a little at a time and just mix it well with your hands. Add coconut water if needed.

Mix well and form small balls out of this mixture.

Nuts can also be added to the mixture. (optional)

Over to you

Pinaca recipe is easy to make and come out with sweet results. So, make this nutritious recipe for your near and dear ones.
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Your safe bet- consult a nutritionist!
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